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Bizzare Jerry Falwell Jr. Yacht Pictures were from ‘Trailer Park Boys’ Themed Party

Update #1. In another act of Falwellian sketchiness, we found exclusive evidence of Jerry ‘Liking’ a picture of a half-naked supermodel on Instagram, further evidence that he’s pretty much abrogated all pretense of being a Christian witness and godly leader. That post can be found HERE

Pictures that emerged last night of Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. in a state of undress, holding a wine glass and standing beside a young woman with pants unzipped, turned out to be images from a Trailer Park Boys themed party, and not of a more illicit nature that many questioned and suspected.

We wrote in the original article that Falwell uploaded and then deleted a series of photographs and images, which we’ve captured here.

The video demonstrates that these are not photoshopped, but are the real deal. Particularly, this video below shows the cosplay is taking place among several of the Falwell extended family, all of whom have since taken their social media private.

Here is a gallery showing the comparisons between the three main characters from Trailer Park Boys. Bubbles, Ricky and Julian, and the Falwell friends and family.

Trailer Park Boys is a raunchy and crass Canadian mockumentary TV Show that aired 106 episodes across 12 seasons. The theatrical film for the shows actors, Swearnet, set a world record for the most F-words in a feature film, totaling 935. The uncensored show has an 18+ rating in most countries and is known for the copious amounts of sex and, drug use, and cursing. At least three episodes have plotlines involving making homemade pornography.

We can’t imagine a supposedly above-reproach, Christian leader of a Christian university thought this was a good idea, traipsing around with drink and cigarettes-in-hand and pants unbuttoned, in imitation of what by all accounts is a gross, expletive-laden tv show where many of the main characters spend nearly every episode drunk or high.

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