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The Color of Money in the Southern Baptist Convention: Dwight McKissic and the Economics of Race-Baiting

If you take a look around a typical Southern Baptist church you will notice that almost everyone filling the pews is white.  You will also notice that a disproportionate number of those white people are part of the fifty and older crowd.  Members of the younger generation, it seems, just don’t attend church like their … Read more

Race-Baiting and the ERLC: Dwight McKissic Defends Russell Moore and Demonstrates Why Eliminating the ERLC is the Best Course of Action

“The job of the organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a ‘dangerous enemy.’” —Saul Alinsky Yesterday, Texas pastor Dwight McKissic published an article entitled “If Russell Moore is fired, ‘Unto Us’ A Trump Baptist Convention Is Born” at Southern Baptist interest blog SBC Voices. McKissic is not … Read more

Is Truth Racist? A Response to Dwight McKissic

Dwight McKissic, a Southern Baptist pastor (and African-American) from Arlington, Texas has an article posted at SBC Voices that accuses me of racism for my views presented in the post entitled Fergson and the Soft Bigotry of America’s Leading Evangelicals. Taking exception with my views – and the views of Southern Baptist Pastor Randy White … Read more

Baptist Newspaper Says Hell Does Not Exist

Baptist News Global, affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, ran an editorial this morning from Alan Bean, the executive director of Friends of Justice. The Friends of Justice website demonstrates that they espouse Liberation Theology as a means to promote so-called “social justice.” Alan Bean is also an apparent fan of racist Southern Baptist pastor, … Read more

‘Woke’ SBC Pastor Hosts “Dress Like a Black Person Sunday”

Why Dwight McKissic is a Southern Baptist isn’t exactly clear. He’s a charismatic, believes in females pastors, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, and holds to Critical Theory. McKissic is a race-baiter and Cultural Marxist who routinely terrorizes the SBC annual meeting with resolutions forcing messengers to vote for his policies or suffer looking politically incorrect … Read more

Russell Moore Supporters All Have One Thing in Common: They’re On the ERLC’s Teat

A quick survey of social media and blogs strongly defending Russell Moore and the Southern Baptist Convention reveals that they all have one thing in common. They are on the teat of the SBC spoils system and are compensated by Russell Moore. Like baby pigs suckling on the mother sow, these seemingly run-of-the-mill supporters of … Read more

SBC Voices’ Dave Miller Says Eternal Security is a Secondary Issue

To doctrinal liberals and theological leftists, virtually nothing is a “primary issue.” The rise of ecumenism in 20th Century evangelicalism demonstrated that the cardinal doctrine of togetherness takes precedence over the Holy Scriptures on almost every account. Demonstrating this truism is The Company Man™, Dave Miller, who owns and operates the nearly-dead SBC social justice … Read more

The Southern Baptist Convention is Wicked, and God Hates It

Albert Mohler

I awoke this morning and saw the polemics headlines coming out of the unofficial but more successful versions of the Baptist Press, Reformation Charlotte and Capstone Report. Blissfully unaware of most headlines reported on during my weekly Sabbath rest, I opened my eyes to see the following: SBC Pastor’s Conference speaker’s church does Satanic choreographed … Read more

SBC Leader Says Opposing Female Pastors is ‘Gender Lynching’

Dwight McKissic, a token black figure in the Southern Baptist Convention who terrorizes every annual convention with race-baiting resolutions, says that being against female pastors is “gender lynching.” McKissic, who helped foment ungodly domestic terrorism during the Ferguson riots and railed against police officers, also voted for Hillary Clinton because of “other pro-life issues” besides … Read more

Southern Baptist Convention to Have Female Pastor Speak at Annual Gathering

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has announced that a female pastor will be taking front-and-center stage at the Southern Baptist’s annual meeting. The female preacher/pastor will be speaking in a genre called Spoken Word, a word-based performance art that includes a manuscript written to be read out-loud. Last year, Southern Baptist leaders toyed around with … Read more

New Leftist Term: “Differently Complementarian”

At Pulpit & Pen, as you know, we chronicle the fads, trends, and phases of evangelicalism for the sake of studying the doctrinal downgrade and keeping a record for our posterity. In October of last year we coined the term flaccid complementarianism, a spin on the term now used by egalitarians, “soft complementarianism.” We also … Read more

Woke Evangelical Establishment Now Accusing Paige Patterson of Racism

After Social Justice advocates released a letter from Paige Patterson in 2012 thanking God for the election of the SBC’s first black president, the progressive evangelical establishment is now skewering the former denominational leader as a racist. In the letter, Patterson glowingly praised Fred Luter, the first black leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, but … Read more