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The Southern Baptist Convention is Wicked, and God Hates It

News Division

Albert Mohler

I awoke this morning and saw the polemics headlines coming out of the unofficial but more successful versions of the Baptist Press, Reformation Charlotte and Capstone Report. Blissfully unaware of most headlines reported on during my weekly Sabbath rest, I opened my eyes to see the following:

SBC Pastor’s Conference speaker’s church does Satanic choreographed dance to song of pro-gay pop-singer (complete with dancing skeletons)

Mark Dever says voting pro-choice is morally acceptable

ERLC contributor says to vote pro-choice Democrat over Trump in 2020

ERLC contributor endorses gay activists like Jen Hatmaker and Rachel Held Evans

Albert Mohler attacks conservatives

Add these headlines to the screenshots I was sent of the SBC’s resident race-baiting Marxist, Dwight McKissic, claiming that the prospect of disinviting female pastors from the SBC pastor’s conference is somehow contrary to Baptist autonomy, and I started my week with a ten-minute-long facepalm.

After attacking conservatives for trying to coalesce on Twitter, Albert Mohler reached out to Rod D. Martin to claim he didn’t mean anything by the tweet. In related news, Albert Mohler is a shameful liar and everyone knows it.

Albert Mohler doesn’t give a #%%# about women pastors speaking at the pastor’s conference (and almost every speaker invited advocates for female pastors) and won’t lift his dainty limp wrist in opposition to it, but will break land speed records casting shade at conservatives getting together.

Albert Mohler has defended the firing of Robert Lopez from Southwestern Seminary for teaching that God can make a gay person straight. And it’s no wonder that Mohler is promoting the huge gaggle of lesbians and Hominterns at The Gospel Coalition teaching us that we can’t expect the Holy Spirit to sanctify homosexuals.

We’re just supposed to sit here quietly and act like Mohler is some kind of conservative hero when in fact he’s nothing but a slime-ball liberal, who played the long con-game and is now turning Southern Seminary – and, in fact the entire SBC – into a social justice plantation far worse than what it was prior to 1979.

Southern Baptists let Mohler stare them in the face with his dead goggleyes and monotone cadence and tell them Critical Race Theory is dangerous, but he was all the while promoting those who teach it at his institution. At a certain point, believing the man is anything but a wicked liar is a testimony to our own Olympic-level naivety.

The same man who refused to answer questions related to social justice at ShepCon and has refused to speak in any detail regarding the Dallas Statement continues to tell us that we need “dialogue” on the subject, which he absolutely refuses to participate in.

Consider that the SBC pastor’s conference president is a gay-friendly impastor who invited the Revoice homos to preach at his church in 2017 and laid hands of anointing upon the LGBTQueer in 2016 after blessing their lifestyle.

This is actually happening. It is real.

The SBC president, JD Greear, told us to use preferred ‘transgender’ pronouns. Southeastern Seminary hired a gay-friendly animal rights activist and feminist, while telling students to take off their MAGA hats because it’s offensive.

And all those things are just a drop in the bucket of the daily Downgrade reported on in the alternative Baptist Press. All the while, snowflake leftists in bowties and effeminate coiffed haircuts with latte mustaches mock the idea that the new pro-gray, pro-abortion, pro-Democrat, pro-transgender SBC could possibly be anything besides “conservative.”

They insist that they are inerrantists (a byline for them) and pro-life (which they’ve redefined to mean almost everything and anything).

Meanwhile, Tom Buck and Tom Ascol, two of the most vociferous critics of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Great Awokening, pay for it.

That’s right. Tom Ascol and Tom Buck pay for each and every ounce of this dripping liberalism through their Cooperative Program dollars. They protest out of their mouth and yet send their church’s offerings to pay for it. Thousands of pastors are with them, taking part through their financial support in something that they themselves acknowledge is evil.

Small-minded men remain convinced that they can save the Southern Baptist Convention. The new Conservative Baptist Network, which Ascol isn’t touching with a ten-foot-poll, is an attempt to bring conservatives together to stop it, but I’m convinced it’s like putting lipstick on a 200lb sow with Swine Flu.

Abandon ship, gentlemen. For the love of all that is good and pure, come out of Babylon. Flee Sodom. There is nothing in the venereal disease-infested crack whore that is the Southern Baptist Convention that is salvageable. It’s a vile, ungodly mess. Just…walk…away.

Or run.

The mathematical equation is simple. Your tithes and offerings, dispensed by the Cooperative Program, allow a fortune to be spent on the liberalizing efforts of six woke seminaries, NAMB, IMB, Lifeway, and the Executive Committee – all run by feckless liberals. The moment you give them money is the moment they don’t have to care about your opinions. And the moment you withhold money is the moment you don’t get to speak your opinions.

Feeding the Beast that is the Southern Baptist Convention is the price for speaking out. But so long as you feed the Beast, speaking out doesn’t help because it already has your money. Why do conservatives not realize that they can’t win?

I used to give this typical caveat: “There are thousands of faithful Southern Baptists in little churches all across the country who haven’t compromised and who still serve the Lord faithfully.”

I no longer believe so. Any church continuing to partner with this level of darkness is itself dark. By virtue of their association with the Southern Baptist Convention, they are not innocent. They are evil for taking part in it. They are evil for supporting it. They are evil for not walking away.

Ephesians 5:11 applies to every Southern Baptist Church who hasn’t yet walked away: “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

Revelation 18:4 should keep Southern Baptists up at night: “And I heard another voice from heaven saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.'”

Quit trying to salvage the unsalvagable. Jesus did not die for a denomination, and he’s not coming back for it. The Southern Baptist Convention is not a church (unless you buy their argument every time they get sued, at which point it is a church).

While every Christian should remain faithful to their local New Testament Church, no local New Testament Church can remain faithful to Jesus if it takes part in Southern Baptist wickedness.