ERLC Official Says to Vote Pro-Choice Democrat Over Trump

A contributor to the Southern Baptist’s lobbying arm is telling Christians in the WaPo that God wants them to vote pro-choice Democrat over Donald Trump in the next election.

Southern Baptists own the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), the political lobbying arm that is daily opposing President Trump and which is run by a former Democratic staffer who wishes his wife was more like Hillary Clinton, Russell Moore. Moore and his army of “research fellows and ERLC contributors” are doing everything within their power to get as many evangelicals as possible to vote Democrat in 2020.

Armed with more than four-million dollars annually of Southern Baptist tithe dollars, Moore promotes men like Michael Gerson who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a contributor to both the ERLC and the left-of-center political organization known as The Gospel Coalition.

Pretending to be some kind of conservative, Gerson recently wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post telling evangelicals it’s morally superior to vote for a pro-choice Democrat over Donald Trump in 2020. Russell Moore couldn’t be happier about it.

As Reformation Charlotte reports…

In a recent op-ed in the Washington Post, Gerson argued that not only is it okay for pro-life conservatives to vote for a pro-choice Democrat, but in the case of Donald Trump, it’s better. His piece, titled It is difficult for pro-lifers to vote Democrat. But it’s better than Trump, he argues that it would be better to vote pro-choice Democrat over Trump “particularly when the social threat they oppose with their vote is more immediate than the long-term influence of their vote on the number of abortions.”

In other words, Gerson is arguing, Donald Trump is a greater existential immediate threat to the fabric of society than abortion, which takes the life of approximately 2,899 babies each and every day.

That is not an “immediate threat” according to the ERLC contributor.

Gerson then argued that we shouldn’t make abortion illegal.

Gerson wrote, “pro-lifers in the United States are going to win the abortion debate only if we persuade enough people to join our side of the argument. We are not going to prevail by gaining power and imposing our view. We can make changes at the margin using legislative majorities and executive power, but these are very marginal. Ultimately, we have a fundamentally persuasive task, requiring us to think about how our arguments look to people with different views. To have those arguments associated with Trump — and thus with misogyny, racism and xenophobia — is not likely to be helpful.”

We must only stop abortion by getting people to like us, and they won’t like us if we support Trump. Therefore, goes Gerson’s logic, the best thing to do to stop abortion is to stop Trump, and then people will be persuaded by our views and somehow stop abortion all on their own.

Southern Baptists, if you still support the ERLC after this you’re probably lost. No genuine Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, could possibly countenance the wickedness coming out of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

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