Mark Dever Says Voting Pro-Choice is ‘Morally Legitimate Option’

The point of Mark Dever in this video clip is very clear; whites should reconsider being “single-issue voters” on the abortion issue because it separates whites and blacks.

Dever, who is a prominent figure in “woke” evangelicalism from the headquarters of his Washington D.C. church, has heavily promoted Democrats like Thabiti Anyabwile (aka Ron Burns), a black nationalist who endorsed first Bernie Sanders and then Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primaries. To Mark Dever, “social justice” doesn’t apply to the unborn.

In a recent clip, Dever claims that white people are unsophisticated in voting against abortion because, in his pessimism, Dever doesn’t think anything can be done about abortion anyway.

In the clip (below), Dever says, “I think of the things that most separates white Christians and black Christians in America is one-issue voting…I can vote for a candidate who I disagree with on some very important issues – that I don’t think they’re going to get anything done on – but I agree with them on these other issues that are going to help a lot of people.”

He continues, “I think a lot of our African American brothers and sisters realized like a long time ago, well there are going to be a bunch of different issues that are going to affect us. I think white Christians think this is the only moral way to approach voting. I think they’re never thought of anything else…

Dever went on, “Even if you don’t adopt that thought yourself, can allow space for that in your church as a morally legitimate option for voting?”

Hell no, we can’t.

The year 2019 was the most successful year for anti-abortion legislation since the passage of Roe v Wade. Only a Beltway Democrat like Mark Dever could look at last year’s legislation around the country and still presume “nothing can be done” about abortion. All the while, Dever and everyone around him in woke evangelicalism are trying to get as many Christians to vote Democrat as possible.

Mark Dever is a wicked, wicked man. Like Albert Mohler and Ligon Duncan, these men pretended to be conservatives in an epic long-game, before showing their true colors when it matters most.

No “space” in our church should tolerate anyone voting for a candidate who believes it’s acceptable to kill the unborn. That’s not social and it’s not justice. It’s anti-social and it’s injustice.

He is one of those “false brothers who snuck in to spy out” the church, seeking only to undermine it.

Might Christ destroy Mark Dever with the brightness of His coming, along with all those who seek to legitimize the murder of the unborn.