Baptist Newspaper Says Hell Does Not Exist

Alan Bean

Baptist News Global, affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, ran an editorial this morning from Alan Bean, the executive director of Friends of Justice. The Friends of Justice website demonstrates that they espouse Liberation Theology as a means to promote so-called “social justice.” Alan Bean is also an apparent fan of racist Southern Baptist pastor, Dwight McKissic.

In Bean’s article, entitled, Heaven or hell theology may be simple, but it is neither biblical nor morally defensible, he argues – as the title suggests “Heaven-or-hell theology is neither biblical nor morally defensible. But for people who get their religious information from TV preachers and roadside billboards it is the only kind of Christianity on the market.”

He continues, “The time has come for moderate and progressive mainline preachers to talk about the biblical vision of universal redemption.”

Universal Redemption, or Universalism, teaches that no one will go to hell and all will be saved.

Throughout the article, Bean surveys Scriptures detailing the tortures of hell and claims, “it’s all poetry and parable.”

He ends by repeating 1 John 4:8, saying, “God is love” before adding a last comment regarding not being able to understand everything the Bible says about the afterlife, but stating he is sure he’ll be there to see God save everyone.

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