New Leftist Term: “Differently Complementarian”

At Pulpit & Pen, as you know, we chronicle the fads, trends, and phases of evangelicalism for the sake of studying the doctrinal downgrade and keeping a record for our posterity.

In October of last year we coined the term flaccid complementarianism, a spin on the term now used by egalitarians, “soft complementarianism.” We also wrote about the redefinition of the terms complementarianism and egalitarianism in the post Good News: Egalitarianism Has Been Totally Eradicated in Evangelicalism.

We wrote…

Now, new terms have developed to explain the egalitarian position of evangelical leaders who don’t want to use the term egalitarian. They will let women preach, hold pastoral office, and do anything a pastor does, except retain the title itself.

The term they use now is soft complementarianism, which is as flaccid as their argumentation.

We then chronicled how out of nowhere this term “soft complementarian” came into existence and completely replaced the self-designation of egalitarian.

The abuse of words is something the devil is into, and the Orwellian doublespeak couldn’t be more noticeable than in the discussion of female preachers in modern evangelicalism that would rather change the words they use than admit they’ve changed their position.

The latest doubleplusgood addition to the Orwelllian evangelical lexicon is “differently complementarian.”

This term was made up by ELRC research fellow and pastor at FBC Farmersville, Bart Barber, in describing rapid egalitarian feminist, Dwight McKissic.

The designation as “differently complementarian” is worth a chuckle or two, if for nothing less than the sheer insanity of it.

McKissic believes women should preach to men on the Lord’s Day. Because the leftist holds back (for now) on women serving as “senior pastors” (pssst that’s not a thing, Biblically), even though he believes women can serve as other kinds of pastors, Barber called him “differently complementarian.” Apparently, if you keep a pinkie toe in the circle you’re still in.

Of course, there was nothing “complementarian” about McKissic’s debate for lady preachers with Tom Ascol last year. He’s a flaming feminist.

Or…not a feminist. He’s just “differently complementarian.”

In related news, Bernie Sanders is “differently conservative.” Mercy sakes.