‘Woke’ SBC Pastor Hosts “Dress Like a Black Person Sunday”

Why Dwight McKissic is a Southern Baptist isn’t exactly clear. He’s a charismatic, believes in females pastors, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, and holds to Critical Theory. McKissic is a race-baiter and Cultural Marxist who routinely terrorizes the SBC annual meeting with resolutions forcing messengers to vote for his policies or suffer looking politically incorrect in the press.

Dwight McKissic

And now McKissic – pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, is hosting what has some critics call “Dress like a black person Sunday” in honor of Black History Month.

We kid you not.

With leftists considering ‘cultural appropriation’ a micro-aggression, it almost feels like a trap. God help the person who shows up in blackface.

The flier reads, “February 23rd we’re celebrating Black History Month in our service. The choir is wearing African Attire and they’re inviting the entire congregation in wearing African Attire.”

It goes on, “Let’s flood the sanctuary in Kente cloth or whatever African print you have.”

Well…this is a recipe for disaster. Whatever you do, don’t dress up like T’challa, Wakanda’s monarch and protector. It’s totes racist.