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OBGYN Screamed At Doctor For Saving Baby After Botched Abortion

According to Dr. Rocco Pascucci, he saved a baby from a botched abortion, who had been placed upon a garbage can by the abortionist. Upon hearing that he saved the child, the abortionist came in and screamed at him providing medical care to the baby.

Recalling an experience from his first year in residency, Pascucci recalled a nurse who told him about a baby in need.

“She told me there was a baby crying on the garbage can in the little treatment room,” he recalled.

He the went into the tiny closet and found a tiny baby wrapped in a hospital blanket. The baby was left onto of a trash can and was crying.

Immediately, Dr. Pascucci put the baby in an incubator, on oxygen, and an inserted a line for nutrition and medicine into its umbilical area (a common treatment for premies).

The OB/GYN who botched the abortion came in and yelled at him, with Pascucci recalling, “He told me I had just saved an abortion. He got into a huff and walked out.”

According to Lifesite News, when the baby had survived the abortion, a second-year resident determined he was under 24 weeks’ gestation and was not viable. Nurses told him it was standard procedure to leave these babies on the garbage can until they died.