SBC’s Chief Race-Baiter Demands Al Mohler Change Racist Name of Institution

I have been saying this for years. If Albert Mohler is going to be consistent in calling for the Confederate Flag and monuments to Confederate leaders to come down, he’s going to have to change the name of Boyce College and Manly Hall at Southern Seminary.

I’m not a prophet. I’m only a polemicist.

I argued that Albert Mohler should put up or shut up in the post, Southern Baptists, Tear Down These Buildings! That was five years ago in 2015. It’s not that I care that buildings and institutions are named after fine Christian men who had a doctrine or two askew, it’s that I hate finger-wagging lectures from hypocritical, religious publicity whores.

Albert Mohler responded by saying he would not rename the buildings or institution because you can separate the heritage from the hate (oblivious to that being the argument to not remove Confederate symbols). After all, the SBC only exists because of racism, so it’s impossible to separate the names of Confederate war chaplains and slaveholders from the sin of slavery.

I wrote about Mohler’s response in the article, Mohler Says He Will Not Remove Racist Names, Still Demands Removal of Flag.

Well, today the chief race-baiter in the Southern Baptist Convention, Dwight Marxissic (click here for articles about him), made the observation I made five years ago.

Of course, it did not “just register” with Dwight McKissic. He was interacting heavily with my articles on this subject five years ago at SBC Voices (liberals are habitual liars). It’s just that the mob is big enough for McKissic to finally make his move.

To be honest, I rejoice in seeing this stupid movement consume itself.

PREDICTION: Albert Mohler will remove the names of Manly and Boyce from Southern Seminary and signal his virtue. In doing so, he will strike a final, symbolic blow to the institution he intentionally embedded himself in at the tail-end of the Conservative Resurgence to destroy.

In the end, Mohler’s liberalism will be the undoing of Southern Seminary. He started as a liberal and faked a conservative rebirth in order to play the long-game (I have already documented Mohler’s stacking of Southern Seminary with Arminians and liberals for the last half-decade).

Removing the Founders’ names won’t be the end of its legacy, but it will announce it.