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Beth Moore Falsely Claims ‘White Supremacy’ is Running Rampant in ‘Much of the Church’

False teacher Beth Moore, a woman who may soon rise to become Southern Baptist Convention President if the woke scoldettes of the SBC have anything to say about it, has again garnered the praise of the condemned and the condemnation of the praiseworthy when she tweeted out a string of posts claiming that among other … Read more

Bethel Leader Continues to Attract Thousands to CA Beach Worship Service, Claims Hundreds Saved and Baptised

Worship leader Sean Feucht, a Bethel Church School of Supernatural Ministry alum who has been touring across California singing Bethel worship tunes and engaging in the charismatic dark arts of “spirit-filled manifestations,” drew thousands of people to an outdoor worship service at a Cardiff State Beach in Encinitas, CA. The service was the last leg … Read more

Woman sues, Claims she was Kicked out of Redding store for being a Member of Bethel Church

(Redding) A woman is suing Ross Dress for Less in Redding, claiming she was kicked out of the store because she is a member of Bethel Church. The woman, Gloria Farrer of Redding, said in a lawsuit that she went into Ross to shop for Christmas gifts and while there she chatted with an employee … Read more

5000 Worshippers Gather for Bethel Music Concert in Redding, CA, Flouting Shutdown Regulations

Worship leader Sean Feucht, a Bethel Church School of Supernatural Ministry alum who has been touring across California singing Bethel worship tunes and engaging in the charismatic darks arts of “spirit-filled manifestations,” drew up to 5000 people to an outdoor worship gathering under Sundial bridge last night in what was the first leg of 5-city, … Read more

Bethel Church Casts out Demon of Racism with Wizard Staff and Incantations

Listeners of Bethel Church’s Transformation Now series were treated with a sight not usually seen when prophetess Marlene Barrett, in a bid to end racism within Bethel and the Ekklesia movement, whipped out a wizard staff- a sure sign that some tomfoolery was afoot. There, on stage, she led Bill Johnson and others through a … Read more

Bill Johnson’s New Moneymaker: Bethel Launches Accredited Music College

Bethel Music has launched Bethel Music College, “an online school designed to equip worship leaders, songwriters and musicians with the technical skills and biblical foundations needed to become excellent leaders in worship ministry. “ Featuring classes taught by the Bethel Music Collective, Hillsong, Elevation Worship, and Jesus Culture, unlike the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, … Read more

Bethel Music Under Fire for Putting on Impromptu Concert at George Floyd Memorial

Bethel Church has come under fire for being “opportunisric white colonizers” after Bethel Music musicians visited the George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis and put on an impromptu worship concert, complete with all the charismatic shenanigans that accompany such an event. Sean Feutch, a worship leader at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, brought … Read more

Beth Moore Doesn’t Want You To Preach or Share The Gospel at The Protests

Beth Moore has been relatively silent through most of the last week’s protests and riots, with only a few general comments here and there. She supports the protest, of course, and in fact, informs that many of the staff at Livin Proof Ministries have been marching, and she hopes to join them soon. But as … Read more

Christian Post Takes Beth Moore to Woodshed for Her Liberal Hypocrisy

In a fantastic article today, the Christian Post lambasted wild-eyed prophet and feminist warrior, Beth Moore, for her woefully apparent liberal hypocrisies. The article, written by Laura Murphy, was truly word-candy for America’s conservative evangelicals who have grown tired of her thoughtless liberalisms, moral preenings, and soulless virtue-signaling. Entitled Beth Moore and Double Standards for … Read more

Contact Us: Beth Moore, God, and the Hairbrush

One of popular Southern Baptist Bible teacher Beth Moore’s favorite stories to tell in that of brushing the hair of elderly man at the Asheville, North Carolina airport. According to her story Beth Moore received a direct and articulate message from God in her heart ordering her to brush hair of the old man, who … Read more

Beth Moore Openly Affirms Woman Pastrix

If you can picture a crazed woman, who, having managed to scuttle atop a Chick-fil-A rooftop, is now alternating between throwing rocks down upon irritated patrons below and urinating on them as they pass by, all while the police watch, sit back, and stand down, then congrats, you’ve accurately surmised the state of the SBC … Read more

“Faith-Healing” Bethel Redding Church Closes Because of Coronavirus

“I refuse to create a theology that allows for sickness” Bill Johnson, Pastor of Bethel Church Earlier this week, I reported that the notorious New Apostolic Reformation Church, Bethel Redding, was cancelling its sought after “healing room” ministry amid fear of the Coranavirus. Reporting on the same development, the Sacramento Bee provided a quote from, … Read more

Confirmed: Bethel Cancels Faith Healing Because of Coronavirus Concerns

As polemics ministries began to post articles about Bethel Church in Redding, California, canceling their “healing room” events, the church leadership at first lied to supporters, claiming the services were canceled because of staffing conflicts. Pulpit & Pen has received several emails stating so. Michael Klassen contacted Bethel church staff in response to a Pulpit … Read more