Charismatic Prophetess From Bethel Decrees and Declares Coronavirus “Conquered”

What’s up with all these posts at P&P today about weirdo charismatic claims about the coronavirus? Well…we’re trying to catch up. It’s hard to do, because charismatics say a lot of dumb things. We want to make fun of them later when this is all over.

So far we have, Bethel’s affiliated pastor, Shawn Bolz, declared a prophecy that God had ended the virus. Perhaps Bethel didn’t get the memo. Rodney Howard Browne promised to bind coronavirus from the United States (again, it’s growing), Jim Bakker claimed his venereal disease ointment also heals coronavirus, and Rick Wiles claimed Christians are immune altogether. Pat Robertson claimed his gut-health booklet will make you immune. A charismatic prophet from New Zealand claimed that all Christians were immune. Another prophet declared that Republican states were immune. Perry Noble says coronavirus is a Satanic scheme to help socialism. Kenneth Copeland said that touching his oily hand through the television would heal coronavirus. Lou Engle has told his followers that a three-day fast can cure coronavirus (health experts say that lowers the immune system). And one charismatic prophet claimed that a potential vaccine would be the Mark of the Beast. And a charismatic prophet interprets his dream to mean that coronavirus is trying to sabotage President Trump.

With that craziness behind us, we come to a charismatic prophetess associated with Bethel Church in Redding, California (which has shut its doors for coronavirus), who decreed and declared away coronavirus.

From the Bethel Facebook page…

Theresa Dedmon and her husband declare that the Corona Virus has been conquered in Jesus name and it cannot stand in the presence of God.

Theresa is a minister of arts at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and sells many of her wares through the Bethel church store. (Destiny pants being a favorite product)

In this video posted on their public page you can hear them in their own words declare the Corona virus defeated.

If you are looking for a respite from worry regarding the spread of this virus, it looks like Bethel church is the place to be. They have overcome what the medical professionals have not by a simple declaration! Amazing!

Good to know. Also, coronavirus is not canceled. Bethel Church is.

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