Charlatan Televangelist Pretends to Heal Coronavirus Through TV

As the spread of Coronavirus fuels fear of a global pandemic, governments and civic organizations are taking major steps to limit the spread of sickness. Schools are closing. Major League Baseball cancelled Spring Training and delayed its opening day. The NBA has suspended its season and the NCAA followed suit by taking the unprecedented step of cancelling March Madness. Even Disney Land is closed. As Sunday approaches, faithful pastors everywhere are, out of concern for the health of their flocks, mulling over the difficult decision to cancel church services. Then there is Kenneth Copeland, the famous televangelist and founder of Eagle Rock International Church in Texas….

Kenneth Copeland pretended to heal COVID-19 through the television.

Copeland espouses a heretical theology commonly called “Word-Faith” that is based on the idea that humans are “little gods” and can therefore speak or believe themselves into physical healing material wealth, and even control of the weather. Unfortunately the only one ever made rich by this false teaching are prosperity pimps like Copeland. No one is made well or saved from calamity by this “name-it-and-claim-it” philosophy. In fact, in a time such as this, those who believe in Copeland’s false prosperity gospel are downright dangerous to themselves and others. Believing themselves to be healed or invulnerable, scores of Copeland’s followers could expose themselves and their neighbors to COVID-19. Believing themselves to be healed, they may even forgo medical treatment. Kenneth Copeland, who claims to be a healer, is downright deadly.

And where is the healer Copeland to be found during the middle of this health crisis? At the hospital preaching to patients? On the streets of Milan and Wuhan healing the sick? No. He’s reaching out from the isolated relative safety of his TV studio and continuing to take advantage of superstitious people. Atheists, of course, certainly aren’t tricked by him. Yet, I must say this to them. If you are an atheist, agnostic, or skeptic reading this, I want you to study Kenneth Copeland’s face and ask yourself if you really don’t believe in the supernatural. To me, Kenneth Copeland looks like he is flat-out demon-possessed. His is the very face of evil. The only One who can save you from such evil, which is far more fearsome than any earthly plague, is Jesus Christ. Please consider Jesus and His offer of forgiveness of salvation. It’s a free gift.

Christians should always remember that, even in times of crisis, God is still on His throne…and Kenneth Copeland is still a son of the Devil.

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Seth Dunn

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