Rodney Howard Browne to Curse Away Coronavirus (In the U.S. Only)

Charismatic prophets promise they can heal all manner of diseases and ailments. Benny Hinn claims to have healed whole hospitals (he was also admitted to one for being sick a while back). Todd Bentley claims to have raised the dead. Kenneth Copeland claims to have made the blind sea and Gloria Copeland promised Christians wouldn’t get the flu last year.

Now, charismatics are claiming to have power over coronavirus. This prophet claimed Christians were immune. And this carnival barking whoremonger claims his healing elixir can cure coronavirus.

And now, Rodney Howard Browne – who serves on President Trump’s advisory council – claims he will stop coronavirus…but only for Americans.

Oddly, Howard Browne is from South Africa. Forget those folks, I guess.

Howard Browne also explained why they couldn’t take care of the virus everywhere, saying, “And obviously, somebody said, “What about the rest of the world?”… I mean, I can’t be responsible for every city or whatever.”

Right now there are 60 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States. The NAR prophet, Howard Browne, needs to get on it already. Pitter patter.

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