Charismatic Prophet Claims Christians are Immune to Coronavirus

Charismatic prophets are regularly “decreeing and declaring” nonsense crackpottery into the air, but sometimes they give health advice that’s downright dangerous. Gloria Copeland famously claimed that believers have “Holy Spirit flu vaccines,” before backtracking and having to “clarify” she wasn’t saying believers shouldn’t get real vaccines per se. And now, a prominent charismatic prophet claims that Christians are immune to the spreading coronavirus, which could have dire consequences for those who believe it.

Most coronaviruses only affect animals, but one strain has spread from an exotic animal food market in China throughout the heavily populated nation, to the Middle East, and the dozens of other countries including at least a half-dozen confirmed cases in the United States. China is on lockdown with most flights canceled and non-essential businesses closed. There are many Christian believers in China both from within the nation and those who are foreign nationals who live there. Some of them may be listening to Rick Wiles, the charismatic prophet who decreed Christians immune from it.

As reported on Right Wing Watch, Wiles said on his program…

“Folks, the Death Angel may be moving right now across the planet. This is the time to get right with God. The blood of Jesus Christ will protect you. Do not fear.”

Pulpit & Pen encourages Christians to understand that the Bible does not promise immunity to sickness in this lifetime, and if believers are near an impact center for the coronavirus or any other contagious illness they should take basic precautionary measures like the frequent washing of hands and good hygiene to avoid contracting the sickness.