Charismatic Prophet (Another One) Claims Christians Are Immune to Coronavirus

Pulpit & Pen is working overtime trying to document the dumb, dangerous charismatic claims regarding coronavirus or COVID-19. It’s getting hard to keep up with.

Shawn Bolz prophesying an end of coronavirus (right before a half-dozen dropped dead in Washington state), Rodney Howard Browne promising to bind coronavirus from the United States (again, it’s growing), Jim Bakker claiming his venereal disease ointment also heals coronavirus, and Rick Wiles claiming Christians are immune altogether. Pat Robertson claims his gut-health booklet will make you immune.

And now, a charismatic prophet from New Zealand claims that Christians are immune to the sickness.

Brian Tamaki, pastor of Destiny Church in New Zealand, claims that born-again Christians have immunity from the disease.

He said, “Satan has control of atmospheres unless you’re a born-again, Jesus-loving, bible-believing, Holy Ghost-filled, tithe-paying believer. You’re the only one that can walk through atmospheres and have literally a protection, the PS-91 protection policy.

Tamaki then cited Psalm 91, “Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.

Please note that Psalm 91 is about Jesus. If you’re a Christian and desire immunity from the coronavirus please wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or nose, and avoid people who are sick.

PS: More than half of South Korea’s COVID-19 illnesses belong to a charismatic sect in the nation called Shincheonji Church of Jesus. It appears that they’re dropping like flies of coronavirus.

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