School Figures Out ‘Gender Neutral’ Bathrooms Are Bad Idea After Student was Ruthlessly Molested

Who could have seen this coming?

Well…everyone. Literally everyone could see this coming.

The Rhinelander High School in Wisconsin was signaling its ‘woke’ virtue by making a ‘gender-neutral’ bathroom despite the fact that no one in the history of the world has ever had a neutral gender. Science dictates they have one of two genders. It’s unknown if the school’s science teachers objected to the insane idea.

Austin Sauer, an 18-year-old student, apparently took advantage of the anti-science perspective of the school and gender which apparently liked to live dangerously with kids’ safety, was arrested for fourth degree sexual assault and exposing genitals to a child.

The matter was reported to the public by the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the local news station, “Captain Terri Hook said the alleged incident occurred in the gender-neutral bathroom of the school, which has now been closed by the Rhinelander High School. Cpt. Terri Hook said the school did not send a message to parents as it was an isolated incident and the student was removed from the school.”

Sauer has not yet been charged, despite having been arrested.

Perhaps – and this is a crazy idea – boys should go to their bathrooms and girls should go to their bathrooms.

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