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City Stops Funding Women’s Rape Shelter Because They Won’t Let in Men

Imagine you’re a woman who has suffered a traumatic sexual assault – or series of assaults – at the hands of a husband, father, or abusive man. Now imagine you’ve found refuge at a shelter for abused women. And imagine that you look over and see…a man, on the bunk next to you.

This scenario is what liberals in the city of Vancouver want. And to prove their political correctness does not know the bounds of common sense, the City of Vancouver has defunded a women’s rape shelter because they wouldn’t let in men who pretend to be women.

In the United States, President Donald J. Trump overturned a 2016 Obama regulation through the Department of Health and Human Services that said women’s shelters had to let in men if they identify as women. But Canada, unfortunately, doesn’t have a Donald Trump. It has a Justin Trudeau.

The Vancouver Rape Relief in British Columbia — which has operated for 47 years ago — had its funding withdrawn because of its “lack of inclusivity.”

The rape shelter just didn’t want to include men inside a women’s shelter. That makes sense in most places, but Vancouver is apparently not one of those places.

The Christian Post reports Sarah Young, a Vancouver City Council member, saying, “What it does is affirm that the city has an inclusive welcoming policy and that when we are providing city funds and taxpayer funds to organizations we want them to be ones that are inclusive of all people.”

Apparently raped women are a less-protected class of citizens than men in pantyhose.