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Christians Are Not Capable of ‘Feelin’ the Bern’

If you are a new creation, the old thieving, lying, bullying, baby-killing, state-worshipping ways are gone. But that is not what the leftists at The Gospel Coalition seem to think. TGC is once again trying to turn voting for Democrats into a disputable issue.

In a new article entitled “We Need Prophets, Not Partisans,” Brett McCracken continues TGC’s trend of calling for political diversity within churches. By political diversity, they do not mean merely that Christians ought to be morally free to choose among the options of not voting, or of voting for minor party candidates, or of voting for Republican candidates (who seem to be the least insane option likely to win an election). Instead, the Gospel Coalition promotes the idea that Christians ought to be morally free to vote for the most insane party, the Democratic Party.


The best response to (and documentation of) TGC’s continuing charlatanry was JD Hall’s article yesterday: The Gospel Coalition Says Christians Should Challenge Capitalism and Conservatism. Please read it.

Another insightful response to We Need Prophets, Not Partisans came from Matt Marino:

“Job’s three friends once proved that you can spend 90% of your words speaking truisms that make up a singular lie. The headline here is one such truism. But if only we had such genuine prophets today, like Machen or Schaefer or Sproul. When they spoke against Statism, it was no ‘party’ to do so, but clear application of the moral law to the civil sphere. What this article neglects is that ‘nuance’ and moderation in the face of totalitarian schemes is also a partisan ploy. Discernment is dead. If it will live again, it will not come from The Gospill Commissars.”

To those responses I would add:

While JD Hall correctly pointed out that one of TGC’s goals is to get as many Christians as possible not to vote Republican, there is another even more sinister goal. TGC seeks to make it culturally unthinkable for the average Christian in the average church to speak badly of those who DO vote Democrat.

TGC is not working merely to make Republicans lose elections. They are working to redefine holiness in a way that will corrupt every last church and turn them into dumpsters of hypocrisy. If anything could be more repugnant than TGC seeking to kill America, it is this: they are seeking to kill the church — and then to use its dead carcass to kill America, too.

May God spare America from Communists and God-haters. And may He spare her from “Christians” who think supporting a Democrat is a disputable matter.

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published at FTNCI.]