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Judge Lets Violent ‘Transgender’ Offender Go Because He Doesn’t Know What Jail to Put Him In

A judge in East Sussex, England, let a man named Adam Hodgson (alias Marcus Smith) go free because he pretends to be a woman. His fake-female fake-name is “Leila Le Fey” (alias Layla Le Fey), which is how he presented himself to the court after armed robbery and assault with a claw hammer.

He has fifty other crimes on his record.

However, Judge Stephen Mooney gave him a six-month sentence but then suspended it after the man’s lawyers claimed that Hodgson’s lack of a Gender Recognition Certificate (given only to those who have lived two years pretending to be the wrong gender), would send him to a men’s facility even though the man wants to be a woman.

Judge Mooney said, “Having reflected again upon the impact an immediate custodial sentence would have, the difficulties there are and the intractable problems the prison service would face, I have reconsidered whether imprisonment must be immediate. In light of this information, I have come to the conclusion that in your particular case it allows me to hope for some form of rehabilitation.”

So rather than being put in jail for the robbery and assault, Adam Hodgson (pictured above) has to complete 30 rehabilitation sessions. Had he not pretended to be a woman, he would have gone to prison.