Video: Michael Brown Slays Kangaroo in the Spirit

You might think that Dr. Michael Brown is a cartoon caricature of extreme charismaticism. And you would be right.

The man known as “Knock’em Down Brown” for his propensity to “slay people in the spirit” (which is the kabuki theater that occurs when Pentecostal worshippers pretend to be overcome by a preacher placing hands upon them or, in some cases, hitting them with a coat) isn’t a stranger to “slaying people.”

While Dr. Brown takes a toned-down, measured approach on his webcast, Ask Dr. Brown, when he gets into a crowd of crazy charismatics he can fling bodies with the best of them. See below:

But now, in a video that’s most likely satirical (but who knows, it’s Michael Brown) he’s seen by a sleeping kangaroo and testifies he slayed (slew?) it in the spirit.

This guy supports the prophet who preaches about the “Sneaky Squid Spirit” so there’s no telling what his beliefs are regarding the spiritual incarnations of animals. Maybe this is a sneaky kangaroo spirit.