The Gospel Coalition Says Christians Should ‘Challenge Capitalism and Conservatism’

Carrying on with their 2020 gameplan to change evangelical voting patterns in favor of the Democrat-left, The Gospel Coalition just ran (yet another) article shaming evangelicals for being Republicans and claiming it’s our Christian duty to be “non-partisan.”

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) is a leftist political organization funded by international dark money, including sizable donations from globalist billionaire felon, James Riady (TGC has been so bold as to even run articles praising the Riady family for their philanthropy). The goal of The Gospel Coalition, which was founded by Marxist evangelical leader, Tim Keller, is to keep evangelicals from voting Republican. The leaders of TGC, including Tim Keller and Ed Stetzer, regularly get together with Beltway think-tanks to brainstorm ways to thwart Republican candidates for office, as was reported by The Christian Post (their meetings have been so anti-Republican, some invitees had to walk out).

Entitled We Need Prophets, Not Partisans and written by TGC Editor, Brett McCracken, the article claims that our Christian witness will be tarnished if we are seen as devoted to a political party.

McCracken favorably cites Michele Margolis in his article, using her words to complain about there not being more political diversity in evangelical churches. Margolis is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania. McCracken cites both Margolis’ book and her New York Times article claiming that Trump will ruin evangelicalism (by the way, McCracken’s citation of Margolis seems awfully derivative of this article from a pro-LGBTQ website).

McCracken writes, “The gospel’s power is not the power to win elections, legal protections, or economic prosperity. It is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes (Rom. 1:16). It’s incumbent upon churches and Christian institutions today that they orient around this true gospel—the one given to us by God in Scripture—rather than around the various perverse gospels that tempt us: prosperitypowerpoliticsself-help.”

Although steeped in elementary truisms, McCracken’s more subtle point is this: Christians, don’t worry about politics.

If you could put McCracken’s words through an “Intelligentsia Bull-Crap Interpretation Device” it would come out translated as, “For the love of all that is pure and good, evangelicals, please stay home this election. Please, please, please don’t vote. And whatever you do, don’t vote Republican.

McCracken continues, “This will mean churches and Christian institutions will not fit easily into the ‘all or nothing’ tribes of our day, because to be prophetic from the center point of the gospel is to challenge multiple sides at the same time: conservative and liberal, capitalist and communist, anti-woke and woke. This will mean anger will inevitably come from multiple directions, as will centrifugal forces trying to pull us every which way. Broad popularity will be impossible. 

On this paragraph, the Intelligentsia Bull-Crap Interpretation Device was broken, but I’ll give it a try the old-fashioned way.

The interpretation is, “Real Christians need to side with Republicans and Democrats. That’s how you prove you’re smaaaaart. A big-minded Christian will support liberals once in a while. And sometimes they’ll side with liberals, communists, and the ‘woke.’ Pssst…please side with the latter.”

Here’s the reality:

There is never a time for a Christian to vote for a Democrat because the Democrat Party platform is nothing but a list of sins God says not to commit.

Only one political party enshrines abortion as their party’s Sacred Communion. Christians cannot vote for that party.

Only one political party is angrily anti-Christian and works daily to oppose religious liberty. Christians cannot vote for that party.

Only one political party celebrates (the other one tolerates) queer-sex and all manners of deplorable sexual behavior. Christians cannot vote for that party.

Only one party has built its economic policies upon violating the 8th Commandment, “thou shalt not steal.” Christians cannot vote for that party.

So no, Gospel Coalition. We will not try to foster a political diversity in our churches. We will call Democrats to repent for being wicked and supporting wicked things. Reality is not “nuanced.” The stakes could not be higher and the immorality of voting for Democrats could not be clearer.

As we have written before, we see what TGC is doing. We see their political activism masquerading as a gospel ministry. We’ve documented it thoroughly and it’s repugnant.

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Should we believe that when the Gospel Coalition runs articles telling Christians not to be devoted to a singular political party that they don’t have a particular political party in mind?


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