Bethel Leader Continues to Attract Thousands to CA Beach Worship Service, Claims Hundreds Saved and Baptised

Worship leader Sean Feucht, a Bethel Church School of Supernatural Ministry alum who has been touring across California singing Bethel worship tunes and engaging in the charismatic dark arts of “spirit-filled manifestations,” drew thousands of people to an outdoor worship service at a Cardiff State Beach in Encinitas, CA.

The service was the last leg of the Californian Let Us Worship tour, which has seen thousands attend a series of outdoor gatherings. The service has vexed local officials who claim the mass gatherings are in defiance of California stay-at-home orders and whose churches are ordered to remain closed due to coronavirus concerns.

The events are attended by multiple churches and denominations who are frustrated at not having service and see the event as an opportunity to worship with fellow believers.

“They miss their church families,” said Pastor Barry Sappington, one of the men who helped organize the gathering. “They miss worshipping. Worship is a core part of a Christ follower’s life and as you can see people don’t want to go anywhere, they want to gather, they want to worship and this is a perfect venue for them to do so.”

Comparing his event to the Jesus People movement, Feucht claims that hundreds of people have been saved and baptized, a number we have little reason to suppose is true, given the squishy and incomplete gospel message being presented.

Feucht wrote on Facebook that ” STATE OFFICIALS ESTIMATED 5000 SHOWED UP on the beach in San Diego tonight. I am undone at the movement God is pouring out across America!!!” While local San Diego Outlet NBC 7 pegs s the number at less than 1500.

Feucht said the event was extra notable, for this reason. “BUT THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE WHERE I GOT TO BAPTIZE MY SON EZRA TONIGHT 😭😭😭😭😭😭 This is all about the next generation people!!! GOD IS CAPTURING THEIR HEARTS!!!”

The traveling worship tour is leaving California and heading to Arizona next, then onward to Portland, Oregon.

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