Bethel Church Casts out Demon of Racism with Wizard Staff and Incantations

Listeners of Bethel Church’s Transformation Now series were treated with a sight not usually seen when prophetess Marlene Barrett, in a bid to end racism within Bethel and the Ekklesia movement, whipped out a wizard staff- a sure sign that some tomfoolery was afoot. There, on stage, she led Bill Johnson and others through a ritual incantation to cast out the demon of racism by prophetically reenacting a scene from Lord of The Rings. No joke.

Calling the opportunity a “very powerful and prophetic act,” Apostle Ed Silvoso, the architect of “transformational Christianity” told the audience that “faith without works is dead” and lead them in a “work” to demonstrate their faith.

With the gang all gathered up on stage and for some good old fashion binding and loosing of the spirit of racism, one of the participants bring out what can only be described as a large, weathered staff, possibly a movie prop or a replica from the film.

The prophetess recounts how she received a “prophetic vision regarding a prophetic act” saying “I’m going to ask us right to all grab a hold of this in our hand. Every single one of us…We are going to lift the staff and will command the spirit not only to leave, but he shall not pass!”

But before the spirit can be commanded, she reminds the audience:

“Apostle Silvoso said you need to oil your door. So I encourage you if you haven’t done this in the proper order, you must put oil on your door, and then go in front and repeat this act with us…so that the spirit of racism can leave your house.”

As she is set to begin she is told, “I think it’s important of you to share the vision of Gandalf.” Barrett agrees and proceeds to recounts the vision while drawing parallels to their own situation.

She speaks of her vision of Gandalf and the Hobbits (their own fellowship on stage) deep in the heart of Moria on the eastern side of the Misty Mountains, with Gandalf sensing the presence of Durin’s Bane. (i.e., the Spirit of racism) As the Fellowship flees to the Bridge of Khazad-dûm (Bethel Church), Gandalf stops and confronts the demon that was holding court. This is the same thing this band of misfits is doing as they employ “the authority of Gandalf.”

Stating that the authority can “only be released by an apostolic decree” they decree and declare that racism will end. Then, as one fellowship, they all take hold together and lift up the wizard’s staff and bang it on the podium, shouting “thou shall not pass” to the demons.

The scene sadly does not look as cool as they likely envisioned it. Watch the video. It’s an uncoordinated and awkward routine that they really should have practiced.

This is how many in the charismatic NAR movement deal with racism. Rather than going through the scriptures and employing confession and repentance to combat the sin of racism, these purveyors of the dark arts are out there seeing visions of the spirit of racism and engaging in some Grade-A level of unbiblical shenanigans. Sadly, they’re not comprehending that the bible does not command Christians to bang wooden sticks down on a podium while shouting movie lines in order to combat racism.

Also, if we’re being accurate to the metaphor, prophetess Barrett seems to forget that Gandalf fell into the black abyss to his death with the Balrog after he said those words.

If Bethel members don’t leave this false religion soon they’re going to end up in that darkness with them.

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