Woman sues, Claims she was Kicked out of Redding store for being a Member of Bethel Church

(Redding) A woman is suing Ross Dress for Less in Redding, claiming she was kicked out of the store because she is a member of Bethel Church.

The woman, Gloria Farrer of Redding, said in a lawsuit that she went into Ross to shop for Christmas gifts and while there she chatted with an employee who told her she was having a bad day, the lawsuit says.

At one point Farrer invited her to attend the Redding megachurch, the lawsuit says.

About 20 minutes after her chat with the employee, who was apparently new at the store, two employees came up to Farrer and ordered her out of the store, the lawsuit says.

The employee, a recent hire who was not named in the suit, said she was not comfortable around Farrer. The employee told other employees that Farrer grabbed the employee’s arm and asked to pray for her, the lawsuit says.

Farrer denies the employees claim.

“Plaintiff immediately went into a state of shock and could not believe that such a fat lie was told by the employee. She protested her innocence, but no one would listen. They told her she had to leave,” the lawsuit says.

Farrer claims that she was discriminated against because of her religion and the church she attended, the suit claims.

“Plaintiff’s accuser clearly had bias against her from the moment she realized that plaintiff (Farrer) was a follower of God, a Christian and a member of the Bethel Church,” the lawsuit says.

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Editors note. This article was written by Damon Arthur and published at Redding Record Searchlight. Title changed by Pulpit & Pen

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