Charismatics Spread False Rumor that Chuck Pierce Prophesied Coronavirus (He Did Not)

Steven Strang over at Charisma Mag – who has posted more false prophecy relating to coronavirus than Wuhan has sick-beds – claimed today that “prophet” Chuck Pierce prophesied the coming of coronavirus. He’s also making the claim on his podcast. This claim is spurious and untrue.

At the snake-oil blog, Charisma, Strang writes…

I recently interviewed Shawn Bolz, who shared with me why he felt the Lord told him the end of the coronavirus is near. Prophet Chuck Pierce says God told him something similar. Back in September of 2019, he prophesied that the “nations would come into turmoil until Passover” (April 8-16).

Of course, Bolz prophesying that the plague was essentially over (he claimed the virus has reached a “turning point” and would be dissipating, but within 24 hours the United States saw its first coronavirus death and it’s gotten worse from there) is nothing “similar” to Pierce’s supposed prophecy that the virus wouldn’t be easing up until April.

But the question should be asked, “Did Chuck Pierce really prophesy coronavirus?”

Additionally, Strang claims in his post that Cindy Jacobs gave a similar prophecy in January. This is the woman who just decreed and declared a week ago that coronavirus was dead and illegal (it’s still going strong). But, “Did she really?”

The claims are being repeated by charismatics in the wake of our post, Coronavirus is God’s Plague Upon Charismatics. Simply put, no charismatic prophet has prophesied anything relating to coronavirus accurately, their prophecies all contradict, and no faith-healer has healed a single person of the virus.

However, Chuck Pierce’s first “prophecy” isn’t on the website for that event, Head of the Year 5780, even though all the video seems posted. Weird, right? Additionally, his “prophecy” isn’t present on the January conference website for Starting the Year Off Right 2020. Again, super weird, right? Even though Pierce references these prophecies in his blog post 4 days ago, he does not link them or provide audio or video. Weird, again?

Furthermore, Pierce says his prophecy tells of a “a massive plague-like invasion that would test us through Passover.”

That’s quite different than an actual plague, right (assuming he’s not making it up)?

Furthermore, Cindy Jacobs’s prophecy was only recalled by Pierce after coronavirus broke out. Why did he not tell anyone? Why did she not tell anyone? Isn’t this information we all need to know?

So far we have, Bethel’s affiliated pastor, Shawn Bolz, declared a prophecy that God had ended the virus. Perhaps Bethel didn’t get the memo. Rodney Howard Browne promised to bind coronavirus from the United States (again, it’s growing), Jim Bakker claimed his venereal disease ointment also heals coronavirus, and Rick Wiles claimed Christians are immune altogether. Pat Robertson claimed his gut-health booklet will make you immune. A charismatic prophet from New Zealand claimed that all Christians were immune. Another prophet declared that Republican states were immune. Perry Stone says coronavirus is a Satanic scheme to help socialism. Kenneth Copeland said that touching his oily hand through the television would heal coronavirus. Lou Engle has told his followers that a three-day fast can cure coronavirus (health experts say that lowers the immune system). And one charismatic prophet claimed that a potential vaccine would be the Mark of the Beast. And a charismatic prophet interprets his dream to mean that coronavirus is trying to sabotage President Trump. And this Bethel prophetess claims that she decreed and declared coronavirus away from the world for good. Also, this charismatic prophet says coronavirus would disappear if China would grant religious freedom to Christians (why America is getting now is anybody’s guess). Rodney Howard Browne then discouraged people from taking any forthcoming vaccines because he said it’s a globalist plot to kill people.

Don’t believe these clowns.

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