NAR Apostle, Cindy Jacobs, Decreed Coronavirus “Illegal” a Week Ago

Our intention at Pulpit & Pen is to log all the crazy things charismatic prophets have proclaimed about the coronavirus so that, if nothing else, God uses it to put an end to charismaticism. It really is a religion that needs to die a thousand deaths. The only vaccine is polemics.

So far we have, Bethel’s affiliated pastor, Shawn Bolz, declared a prophecy that God had ended the virus. Perhaps Bethel didn’t get the memo. Rodney Howard Browne promised to bind coronavirus from the United States (again, it’s growing), Jim Bakker claimed his venereal disease ointment also heals coronavirus, and Rick Wiles claimed Christians are immune altogether. Pat Robertson claimed his gut-health booklet will make you immune. A charismatic prophet from New Zealand claimed that all Christians were immune. Another prophet declared that Republican states were immune. Perry Stone says coronavirus is a Satanic scheme to help socialism. Kenneth Copeland said that touching his oily hand through the television would heal coronavirus. Lou Engle has told his followers that a three-day fast can cure coronavirus (health experts say that lowers the immune system). And one charismatic prophet claimed that a potential vaccine would be the Mark of the Beast. And a charismatic prophet interprets his dream to mean that coronavirus is trying to sabotage President Trump. And this Bethel prophetess claims that she decreed and declared coronavirus away from the world for good. Also, this charismatic prophet says coronavirus would disappear if China would grant religious freedom to Christians (why America is getting now is anybody’s guess). Rodney Howard Browne then discouraged people from taking any forthcoming vaccines because he said it’s a globalist plot to kill people.

Heretics that are giving coronavirus health advice (they ought to be prosecuted for it) are the very same ones who all declared and decreed under the presumptive authority of Apostleship that coronavirus was dead…or illegal…or that Christians were immune…or Republicans…or financial givers to their ministry.

As a case-in-point, New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) Apostle, Cindy Jacobs (a good friend of Michael Brown) declared coronavirus to be illegal a week ago. She also ORDERED IT to cease and desist in what is supposedly the power of God.

Apparently, it didn’t work.