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Beth Moore’s Daughter, Kyle J. Howard Weep/Rejoice Pulpit & Pen Censored by Twitter

Social Justice advocates who have abandoned the Gospel for social religion, Beth Moore’s daughter and (fake ex-gang member) Kyle J. Howard, rejoiced with weeping and praised God for the censorship of Pulpit & Pen by the tech giant, Twitter. Niko Kampouris, whose Twitter profile links a Christian and Artist Collective (and ostensibly, a skinny jean … Read more

SBC and Social Justice: A List of Links To Prove the Agenda is Real

This post is designed to provide an extensive but not comprehensive list of articles from Pulpit & Pen documenting SBC leaders pushing so-called “Social Justice” upon its membership. It is designed to be simple and straight-forward. The Problem: Social Justice is a term invented by South American Roman Catholic Priests and the churches affiliated with … Read more

Jussie Smollett, Fake Hate Crimes, and a Biblical Perspective

Jussie Smollett will forever be known as the celebrity who put a noose around his own neck, paid his friends to lightly beat him up, and falsely claimed that MAGA hat-wearing Cretans gave him a racist and homophobic working-over. Fewer will remember the name of ‘Charlie’ Rogers, a lesbian from Lincoln, Nebraska, who carved a … Read more

Kyle J. Howard: The GOP is the Party of “White Supremacy”

Former Southern Seminary student and “racial trauma counselor,” Kyle J. Howard – a friend and advocate of such figures as Russell Moore and Beth Moore – claims that while the Democratic Party may be the party of abortion, the Republican party is the party of White Supremacy. Born to two attorney parents in a high-income … Read more

ERLC Race-Baiter, Kyle Howard, Claims White People Have a False God While Black People Have the True God

[Reformation Charlotte] Kyle James Howard is a close friend and ally of Russell Moore, the ERLC, and the Southern Baptist Convention. Howard has been pushing an anti-white racialist agenda since he made his debut on social media.  Howard has dedicated his life to perpetuating a false narrative about racism in the Church and in America. … Read more

Take It Down! Take it Down!

I posted a graphic of Kyle J. Howard, which made light of his speech impediment by (mis)spelling “racial trauma counselor” phonetically, how he says it.  Twitter exploded. I shouldn’t make light of his impediment because, frankly, it’s not very nice. I ignored previous, similar criticism because I thought it asinine that anyone believes Howard’s claim that … Read more

John MacArthur VS Kyle J. Howard on Reparations VS Gospel

The evangelicals who are saying the most and talking the loudest these days about what’s referred to as “social justice” seem to have a very different perspective. Their rhetoric certainly points a different direction, demanding repentance and reparations from one ethnic group for the sins of its ancestors against another. It’s the language of law, … Read more

Who is the Man Afraid to Be Alone with James White, Kyle J. Howard?

With James Riady, a corrupt Globalist and leftist financier funding Reformed Theological Seminary and other Calvinist-leaning institutions, and with George Soros funding projects of evangelicals like Russell Moore through his Open Societies Foundation, it’s reasonable to question whether or not outspoken individuals in our institutions are change agents for well-funded political causes. How do Marxists, … Read more

Johnny Hunt and Steve Flockhart: A New Season of Grifting

New Season Church in Hiram, Georgia is hosting a leadership summit for Johnny Hunt on September 14th. Along with Hunt, the featured speakers at the summit are Steve Flockhart, the pastor of New Season, and Steven Kyle, the pastor of Hiland Park Baptist Church in Panama City. This is absolutely shameful (well, it would be … Read more

An Open Letter to the Members of Hiland Park Baptist Church

To the Members of Hiland Park Baptist Church, It has come to my attention that a group of four pastors, including your own pastor, Steven Kyle, has declared that Johnny Marshall Hunt is “restored” and is once again fit for vocational Christian ministry.  To that end, they produced a 14-minute video explaining their decision.  Being … Read more

Top Ten Pulpit & Pen Posts of 2020

There’s no doubt about it. The Year of Censorship wasn’t kind to the Rolex of Polemics Blogs. After a decade of failed boycotts and blacklists by America’s leftwing of evangelicalism, Facebook managed to do what they could not; mute Pulpit & Pen. And so, our publishing group, The Gideon Knox Group, has been savvily maneuvering … Read more

SBC Leadership Thinks You’re Stupid

In case you need another reason the leave the nation’s largest awful denomination, add to it the fact that its leadership thinks you have an IQ of Jory Micah. Over the last decade, P&P has chronicled roughly 4,396,301 reasons why you should leave the Southern Baptist Convention (I’m rounding up). Literally, a new reason is … Read more