SBC Leadership Thinks You’re Stupid

In case you need another reason the leave the nation’s largest awful denomination, add to it the fact that its leadership thinks you have an IQ of Jory Micah.

Over the last decade, P&P has chronicled roughly 4,396,301 reasons why you should leave the Southern Baptist Convention (I’m rounding up). Literally, a new reason is added every single day for why people of faith and integrity need nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness (Ephesians 5:11) that pour out of the SBC like water from a firehose.

My longtime associate, Seth Dunn, wrote an excellent piece published at Pulpit & Pen today (because he’s too darn stubborn to move over to our new site, Protestia) about some bearded rando that the Convention’s Democrat-lobbying organization retweeted.

The general gist is this; the above-mentioned smarmy NOBTS grad and SBC pastor injected Critical Theory (then said he didn’t) into an article opining on the Identity Politics of Jesus.


SBC Seminary presidents recently repudiated the language of Criticial Theory on one hand while simultaneously using their other hand to rush Critical Theory into their institutions like a crossing guard pushing tikes through the crosswalk outside an elementary school in rush hour traffic.

Only the most fatuous, cockamamie simpletons would believe that the Ode Against Critical Theory recently signed by the seminary presidents was in any way sincere. In recent days, the president of Golden Gate Theological Seminary compared Critical Theory to a Q-Anon Pizzagate conspiracy (as though it doesn’t exist at all), the president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary unceremoniously apologized for signing it because it upset the Alt-Left, and the presidents of Southern, Southeastern, and Mid-Western continue to promote the teachers of Critical Theory to the very highest ranks of their seminaries.

All the while, among the greatest offenses of SBC seminary leadership – besides their hardcore liberalizing of the institutions happening right before our eyes – is that they believe you’re stupid.

No, really. Albert Mohler and every other seminary president and denominational leader his arm is colonoscopy-deep into operating like a muppet, seems utterly convinced that you lack the IQ to identify a spade as a spade or to classify a walking, talking duck as a duck.

As Seth’s article points out about the insufferable “Jesus was a mix-raced, multi-ethnic illegal alien refugee and Intersectional prize winner crucified on a cross personally whittled by George Floyd” (or however that tripe is best characterized) author, he’s an SBC pastor and seminary graduate who has two females on staff serving as pastors (see below or read about it here).

Of course, Jory Micah, Beth Moore, Dwight Marxissic and their Merry Band of sisses led by Jonathan Merritt, Sam Allberry, and the whole gaggle of lesbians who write at the Social Gospel Coalition (McLaughlin, Gilson, Perry et al) have little problem with it. But for the bulk of 14 million Southern Baptists (especially the 4 million who actually go to church on Sunday), lady pastors are not okay.

Lady preachers, and the doctrinal downgrade they all represent (every last one) were a catalyst for the Conservative Resurgence and up until Al Mohler came out of the closet as a liberal sleeper cell agent activated at this latest hour in the Great Awokening, were considered not only a faux pas but a reason for disfellowship.

But, no more. In today’s liberalized Southern Baptist Convention, pastors with a gaggle of hen-pecking female preachers rises one to the top like cream in Russell Moore’s latte mustache.

The Gideon Knox Group and our publications exist as a retrieval service for the Southern Baptist Convention’s memory hole in their denominational Ministry of Truth. In our eyes, reminding you of what leaders said in comparison to what they are doing is double-plus-good.

Do you remember Albert Mohler saying this, earlier in the year?

Well consistently since 1984, the Southern Baptist Convention has made very clear that it believes that the office of pastor is restricted to men, not to all men, but to men who are clearly called by God to that purpose. That’s been consistent since 1984. In the year 2000, that consensus was so clear that Southern Baptists put this conviction in the denomination’s Confession of Faith, the Baptist Faith and Message.

The liberal Arch-Chameleon of the SBC went on to allege…

Southern Baptists have made clear at every opportunity that that is not Southern Baptist belief. It’s not compatible with being a church that’s a part of the Southern Baptist Convention…But even as there are roughly 40,000 Southern Baptist churches, every one of those churches calling its own pastor, not one of those churches has a woman as pastor. 

Let me repeat the bow-tied homintern-endorsing Downgrade monster…

“…Not one of those churches has a woman as pastor.”

For weeks, discernment ministries gave website after website, church after church, screenshot after screenshot of Southern Baptist Churches with females on staff as pastor. But Albert Mohler, who unrepentantly compromises with culture with more indiscriminate selection than a prostitute picks her dates on Beale Street, has yet to recant his insanely idiotic and demonstrably untrue assertion that there are no female pastors in the SBC.

For mercy sakes, SBTS and other seminaries are literally graduating women with degrees in pastoral ministry. Does Mohler think they’re becoming dogcatchers?

The denomination’s resident crazy-eyed lady preacher also claimed that women weren’t “taking over” pulpits in the SBC (while simultaneously advocating for women to preach at pulpits in the SBC). And while we expect Beth Moore to say outrageously retarded nonsense, it feels even more patronizingly stupid when Albert Mohler repeats a similar talking point.

There are three possibilities to explain Mohler’s factually incorrect and proveably fallacious lies about women serving with ordained pastoral authority in the Southern Baptist Convention:

  1. Albert Mohler is genuinely ignorant of what is happening in the SBC.
  2. Albert Mohler isn’t ignorant per se, but he’s legitimately retarded.

Who wants to bet on #1 or #2? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Nah. The third possibility, which is in fact the reality, is…(3) Albert Mohler thinks you’re stupid.

There’s really no other option for how Southern Baptist leadership can with a straight face insist that the convention’s position on lady pastors hasn’t changed while millions of us are well aware that our pulpits are being coated in egalitarian estrogen.

Make no mistake about it, Southern Baptists. Your denominational leadership is not the slightest bit interested in maintaining any sort of ecclesiastical orthodoxy when it comes to women in pastoral ministry. They are, on the other hand, interested in telling you a bevy of lies about the state of affairs in the convention that are as easily disprovable as Kyle J. Howard’s gang testimony.

Before you go to a Southern Baptist Church this Sunday or next, please remember that its denominational leadership thinks you are a rube, a fool, or a mouth-breathing, window-licking simpleton.

Believe your lying eyes, Christian. And disbelieve anything told to you by the Intelligentsia class of the Southern Baptist Convention who consider tall-tales and ridiculous fibs an art to be mastered rather than a sin to repent for.