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SBC Voices’ Dave Miller Says Eternal Security is a Secondary Issue

To doctrinal liberals and theological leftists, virtually nothing is a “primary issue.” The rise of ecumenism in 20th Century evangelicalism demonstrated that the cardinal doctrine of togetherness takes precedence over the Holy Scriptures on almost every account. Demonstrating this truism is The Company Man™, Dave Miller, who owns and operates the nearly-dead SBC social justice … Read more

SBC Voices Hit-Piece on Tom Ascol the Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Read

SBC Voices, a poorly-read SBC pastor’s blog published a hit-piece against Tom Ascol of Founders’ Ministries yesterday. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for hit-pieces, as some ideas and idealogues need (metaphorically) hit. However, I feel that if I don’t speak up about the vapidity, insipidness, and mental emptiness of that “blog” post I would … Read more

SBC Voices Claims Russell Moore is a Conservative (lol)

Lol. That’s the response that is due the recent SBC Echoes post defending the former Democratic Staffer, animal rights activist, Martin Luther King celebrator, Cultural Marxist, illegal immigrant amnesty-supporter and George Soros partner, Russell Moore. In polemics there’s a term called “website orthodox,” and it’s a term with which anyone capable of entry-level discernment should … Read more

Peter Lumpkins Overtakes ‘Woke’ SBC Voices Blog in Short Order

A rogue Baptist blogger who moth-balled his website in the wake of scandal has started writing again. Although laughed at and scorned by many, Peter Lumpkins has overtaken the “woke” SBC Voices blog in short order. The feat should not go unnoticed, as people are fed-up with SBC talking points and are hungry for original … Read more

Phil Johnson, Thabiti, and SBC Voices

SBC Voices is a place for regurgitated ideas, unoriginal thoughts, Southern Baptist scuttlebutt in the form of pumped sunshine, and a nearly endless droning on of denomination optimism, oblivious to the doctrinal downgrade and corruption that’s common place in America’s largest evangelical denomination. With material from well-meaning guest posters like this polemicist’s own big brother (link) … Read more

Dave Miller of SBC Voices Insists Devout Roman Catholic, Marco Rubio Is Saved

Yesterday, Dave Miller of SBC Voices posted a video of former Mormon turned Catholic, Marco Rubio’s supposed testimony of faith, in which Miller presumes to be genuine. Miller had this to say regarding Rubio’s testimony, …I believe I’d get excited to hear any presidential candidate give as cogent a testimony of his or her faith … Read more

Willy Rice's Sob Story: Ben Carson Sacrificed for the Sake of Unity

If you’ve been following Southern Baptist news, you know about the uproar that was cast by the SBC inviting Seventh Day Adventist, Dr. Ben Carson, to speak at the 2015 Pastor’s Conference. Aside from the serious theological differences that sets Southern Baptists apart from Seventh Day Adventists, it was also widely seen as an endorsement of a political candidate. In the wake of this massive outcry, a follow-up opinion was written at SBC Voices blog by Dave Matthews, basically stating that he disagreed with decision to invite Carson, but since it’s already done, for the sake of avoiding bad press, we should just shut up about it, accept it, and have lunch together.

Program Transcript – on the Mischaracterization of The Squirrel’s Post at SBC Voices

The following is a transcript of small portion of  Monday’s Pulpit & Pen Program, in which JD briefly discusses what he believes to be a mischaracterization of The Squirrel’s recent post by Dave Miller and, more concerning, the marginalization of legitimate concerns through soteriological reductionism.   “I talked about this article on the program Friday (or … Read more

SBC Intelligentsia Celebrate the Life of Notorious Baby-Killing Champion John Lewis

John Lewis was an evil man and worse than a racist, but that hasn’t stopped SBC leaders from singing his praises and paying him undue honor. Albert Mohler, Russel Moore, the Gang at the ERLC, and a ton of other people and places have spoken of Lewis in glowing, flowery language, without one mention that … Read more

Russell Moore Using ERLC Manchurian Blog to Attack SBC Executive Board

As Pulpit & Pen explained in the article, Russell Moore’s Supporters All Have One Thing in Common: They’re on the ERLC’s Teat, Russell Moore has been handing out Cooperative Program-funded treats to SBC bloggers for years, building an astroturf network of blogs to attack people at his bidding. By handing out appointments, positions, and speaking … Read more

As SBC Entities Focus Exclusively on Social Justice, They Can’t Figure Out Why Baptisms Are Down

The Democratic Party keeps running radically liberal candidates for president and can’t figure out why they keep losing. And so, they double-down with even more extreme leftists thinking, “That’s the trick.” Fail. Again. But that’s how liberals think. They double-down on their problem, thinking that’s the solution. For several years, thanks to the liberal influences … Read more

SBC Executive Committee Cans Pastor Conference Lineup, Investigates ERLC Liberalism

High Five

The SBC Executive Committee must have had an interesting couple of days, and they have shotgunned their Twitter feed with various seeming concessions ostensibly designed to placate infuriated conservatives. After SBC President, JD Greear, and SBC Executive Committee President, Ronnie Floyd, both insisted yesterday that the denomination isn’t “going liberal,” the Executive Committee announced that … Read more

‘Confetti Cannon’ Ronnie Floyd to Leave Pastorate to Lead SBC Executive Committee

Ronnie Floyd is the stereotypical megachurch pastor in the SBC. He’s also geared up to leave his home church to climb the denominational career ladder. As the typical megachurch pastor, Floyd hangs out with the likes of charismatic arch-charlatan, Kenneth Copeland. He joins forces with hyper-charismatic IHOP. In many ways, Floyd started the ‘woke’ movement … Read more