‘Confetti Cannon’ Ronnie Floyd to Leave Pastorate to Lead SBC Executive Committee

Ronnie Floyd is the stereotypical megachurch pastor in the SBC. He’s also geared up to leave his home church to climb the denominational career ladder.

As the typical megachurch pastor, Floyd hangs out with the likes of charismatic arch-charlatan, Kenneth Copeland. He joins forces with hyper-charismatic IHOP. In many ways, Floyd started the ‘woke’ movement in the SBC, claiming prophetic utterance that God has commanded the denomination to repent for racism (again and again and again). Floyd’s church is an ungodly mess, worldly and carnal (but large and attractive). The church spends hundreds of thousands on fireworks, he has a set of luxury automobiles, and he pays a full-time photographer to follow him around take pictures of him. He’s a mega-pastor’s mega-pastor.

And now, as previously reported at P&P, Floyd is next in the running to serve at the president of the SBC Executive Board. Its last president, Frank Page, resigned after a sexual sin that the board still hasn’t been open and honest about.

But not only is Floyd the candidate of choice for the position, he’s willing to leave behind his local church to serve in the denominational capacity.

According to Arkansas Online, announced Sunday that he is willing to leave his church if he is appointed to be the next president and CEO of the SBC’s Executive Committee in Nashville.

The committee will ultimately make that decision on Tuesday during a special meeting in Dallas.

Floyd is perhaps best known, among other things, of having a Walt Disney designer create his children’s ‘set’ and manufacture a baptistry that looks like a fire engine that shoots confetti over the audience when someone is baptized.

In the meantime, Dave Miller over at SBC Voices is mad that the new CEO isn’t black. At least his priorities are right.