Cultural Filth at Ronnie Floyd’s Cross Church


Who you see in this video is Chad Reeves, Associate Minister to Students at Ronnie Floyd’s Cross Church (Springdale Campus).  The young lady is in a romantic relationship with Reeves.

The setting is the church “Student Building” on the Springdale campus. The name of the ministry is “Cross Students.”

They are dancing / singing to a song named “Right Thurr” by Chingy. The lyrics are x-rated, and include the following:

I like the way you look in them pants, see ya fine (fine)
Lil momma a quarter piece, she far from a dime (dime)
The type of girl that’ll getcha’ up and go make you grind (grind)
I’m thinkin’ about snatchin’ her up, dirty, makin’ her mine
Look at her hips, (what?) look at her legs, ain’t she stacked? (stacked)
I sure wouldn’t mind hittin’ that from the back (back)
I like it when I touch it cuz she moan a l’il bit
Jeans saggin’ so I can see her thong a l’il bit
I know you grown a little bit, twenty years old, you legal
Don’t trip off my people, just hop in the regal
I swooped on her like an eagle swoopin’ down on its prey
I know you popular, but you gon’ be famous today

This is the staff at Floyd’s church. This is the campus at Floyd’s church. Maybe a baptismal confetti cannon isn’t a laughing matter and is an indication of a much deeper problem.

Do we want Ronnie Floyd as the next Southern Baptist president?

Oh, and by the way… this is just the beginning. More reporting on the immoral #DOWNGRADE and culture of filth at Floyd’s church will be revealed in coming days.

God help us.


[UPDATE: Cross Church has Canerized this video from their Facebook Page. Thankfully, it’s still uploaded here at Pulpit & Pen. Let’s see if Cross Church makes a statement as to why they Canerized the video; hopefully it’s because they can openly admit this type of ungodliness will not be permitted in the future and not just a reaction to criticism]

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