Pope Refuses to Meet Italian Leader Because He’s Against Illegal Immigration, Meets Abortionist Instead

On April 1, Pope Francis refused to meet with an important Italian figure, their Ministry of the Interior, because he’s taken a hard stance against illegal immigration. Pope Francis is both a Marxist and a globalist, and detests national sovereign borders, which are the surest bulark of personal liberty.

The Italian news publication, Il Mio Giornale and Il Giorno claim that the Pope refuses to meet with Interior Secretary Matteo Salvini because he prohibits illegal immigrants from coming through Italy’s national borders.

This is a strong departure from the typically strong relationship the Roman Pontiff has had with Italian political figures. Essentially, the Pope has sent word to the Italian official that they will not meet so long as he bars illegal migrants from the country.

Oddly enough, however, the Pope has happily agreed to meet with Emma Bonino, a famous abortionist in Italy. Francis has repeatedly embrace the abortionist because she has worked with illegal refugees.

The Pope doesn’t seem to care about abortion, as long as sovereign national borders are slowly destroyed and a global regime is set up to dismantle the nation state.

[HT Lifesite News]