As SBC Entities Focus Exclusively on Social Justice, They Can’t Figure Out Why Baptisms Are Down

The Democratic Party keeps running radically liberal candidates for president and can’t figure out why they keep losing. And so, they double-down with even more extreme leftists thinking, “That’s the trick.” Fail. Again.

But that’s how liberals think. They double-down on their problem, thinking that’s the solution.

For several years, thanks to the liberal influences of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and its sister organization, The Gospel Coalition (they share board members, writers, and influencers), the Southern Baptist Convention got ‘woke.’ Although the seeds of the liberal undoing of the Conservative Resurgence began with the installment of Russell Moore at the ERLC, people really began to take notice during the ERLC-TGC event, MLK50, in which they venerated a whoremongering bisexual heretic in the name of inclusion and promoted Critical Theory.

It’s just gone downhill from there as institutions like Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary have stacked their deck with Critical Theorists and Cultural Marxists while their presidents simultaneously speak of the potential harms of the ideologies taught at their institutions.

The SBC has been resoundingly convinced that the Social Justice – which until recently was called Social Gospel and was resoundingly rejected by these same figures only a few years ago – is the Gospel itself. For Southern Baptists, redistributing income, opening national borders, and implementing a welfare state is the Great Commission.

Unsurprisingly, baptism and reported salvations are down…big time. Watching Southern Baptist cheerleaders stand dumbfounded, trying to figure out what the problem is, is much like watching a chimpanzee with a learning disability try to figure out a rubrics cube. It’s going to be a while.

The denomination that brags of 45 thousand member churches (it’s a lie, many of those churches are dead and others do not support the SBC but won’t be taken off the rolls by nose-counting number-crunchers at the Executive Committee) only had 246,442 baptisms last year. That’s one baptism for 56 members or one baptism for every 5.4 churches reported.

Southern Baptists haven’t had this few baptisms since Franklin D. Roosevelt was president.

The ERLC’s Manchurian Blog, SBC Voices, summarizes SBC President, JD Greear’s, take on the problem:

He lists (a) loss of urgency of the Gospel message and complacency, (b) prayer deficiencies, (c) not enough leaders which points to a lack of discipleship, (d) culture preferences (which I take to mean irrelevant traditions and such), and (e) the use of fads and gimmicks rather than solid Biblical, new testament church principles.

Or….it could be all that Social Justice crap being peddled incessantly in Southern Baptist seminaries, entities, and conferences.

One would think that the Southern Baptist Convention would focus on…you know…the Gospel and baptism when the numbers are low. But, nah. That can’t be it. It’s just got to be something else.

W.A. Criswell explained perfectly at the 1988 SBC meeting what the problem in the SBC is when baptism numbers are low. It’s liberalism.

Watch below.