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SBC Voices Claims Russell Moore is a Conservative (lol)

News Division


Adam Blosser

That’s the response that is due the recent SBC Echoes post defending the former Democratic Staffer, animal rights activist, Martin Luther King celebrator, Cultural Marxist, illegal immigrant amnesty-supporter and George Soros partner, Russell Moore. In polemics there’s a term called “website orthodox,” and it’s a term with which anyone capable of entry-level discernment should be familiar. Website orthodox refers to someone who has an orthodox statement of faith hyperlinked on their website, to which they can point and deflect from their criticism. For example, IHOP has a perfectly orthodox statement of faith on their website, but in reality, they’re a circus cult and freakshow sub-Christian sect.

In the case of Russell Moore, he’s “website conservative.” On paper, the man looks like a conservative. He’s clean-cut, he comes from Southern Seminary and has men like Albert Mohler and other bonified conservatives in his entourage, and he can put together an “agenda” for the coming year that passes the conservatism test. In reality, Russell Moore is a radical leftist – with a few exceptions on a few issues – and has done more to drag the Southern Baptist Convention to liberal progressivism than anyone since Conservative Resurgence tossed men like Moore from the Convention. For the less-discerning, more-sycophantic, simple-minded brethren over at SBC Echoes, the Russell Moore they see on paper (papers that pass through his public relations department) is conservative.

Adam Blosser writes:

You may have heard that some among our Southern Baptist Convention are intent on bearing false witness against Russell Moore and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.  Dr. Moore is accused of pushing a progressive agenda at the ERLC.  He must be stopped, it is argued.

Well, the ERLC has just released their 2018 Legislative Agenda.  If this is the new progressive agenda, then sign me up!  I am hoping that someone with contacts to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can pass it along to them so they will know what things to work toward in 2018.  I’m not sure they know that they are supposed to be supporting things like the sanctity of human life and religious liberty.

Let’s review Russell Moore and the facts surrounding him, to determine who exactly has “bore false witness” against him.

Russell Moore partners the ERLC with the radical, leftist Humane Society (which is every bit as liberal and radical as PETA). 

Russell Moore makes “sanctity of life” about giving illegal immigrants amnesty. 

Russell Moore works for liberal billionaire financier, George Soros, on the illegal immigration amnesty board, the Evangelical Immigration Table

Russell Moore organizes a conference to celebrate the life of sex trafficking, bi-sexual communist, Martin Luther King

Russell Moore helps to get a Mosque built in New Jersey and by his actions, the taxpayers end up paying for it

Russell Moore invites Hillary Clinton to speak at the SBC pastor’s conference

Russell Moore softens tone on Homosexuality, breaks bread with homosexuals in violation of 1 Corinthians 5

Russell Moore uses ERLC twitter to tweet out George Soros material and propaganda

Russell Moore is indifferent to Black Lives Matter racism and anti-cop thuggery

Those are just a taste of the evidentiary facts regarding Russell Moore’s brief tenure at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). However, for the cheerleading mouth-breathers at SBC Echoes, being agenda-conservative is sufficient grounds for calling discerning Southern Baptists “liars” and “false witness bearers.” Please note that all of the above links are well-researched and hyperlinked to primary sources and other media sources from the mainstream press.

Southern Baptists simply have to get beyond the idea that to be “pro-life” and against gay marriage (even in the most timid, silent of ways) equals conservatism. Here’s a man who’s as leftist as most Democratic congressmen from the deep south, who is pushing the SBC to abandon conservatism carte blanche as long as being pro-life is retained as an à la carte side item. The term “useful idiot” has perhaps never been better applied than to the shallow-thinking clodpates in the sycophant class at SBC Echoes. To demonstrate Moore’s “conservatism” (scare quotes intentional), they cite a number of his policy statements, including this one:

Scripture unequivocally teaches that God is just (Deut. 32:4). And as Christians, we rightly bear the call to reflect the justice of God as we seek to be faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. That mandate can been seen most clearly in the words of the prophet Micah: “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8) In our advocacy for fair and impartial judgment, and equitable treatment of the unjustly oppressed and marginalized, we bear witness to a God who is ultimately the just Judge, and a gospel that saves indiscriminately and without partiality.

Do the SBC Voices simpletons not understand that “justice” is a leftist-progressive code word for “anything we want to get away with?” Illegal immigration? Well, that’s a matter of justice. Wealth redistribution? Well, that’s a matter of justice. Reparations? Well, that’s a matter of justice. Marxism? Well, that’s a matter of justice. It’s almost like these people don’t read history books or newspapers. The terms “oppressed and marginalized” is the language adopted from the progressive-liberal left, from men like Jim Wallis of Sojourners and people who served on Obama’s faith advisory committee. This is “community organizing” garbage, and everyone knows it. Russell Moore is seeking to implement a softer, kinder (more liberal), form of Christianity.

In the meantime, Moore can announce – on paper – anything he wants. The fact is, his treatment of President Trump has utterly neutered the effectiveness of the ERLC in Washington D.C. for at least the next three to seven years. Moore can lobby for whatever he wants, but because of his unwise attacks on our current chief executive, the ERLC might as well take a long break from doing anything, because they are not welcome in the White House and they are not welcome anywhere around the presidential administration. Moore attacked Trump (and is still attacking Trump) on a nearly weekly basis, and he’s never uttered a peep of criticism toward Democrats. Sadly, Donald Trump figured out what Southern Baptists in the blogosphere need to figure out; Moore is not a friend to conservatism. He is a Manchurian candidate.

Blosser, waving Moore’s agenda like spiking a football but in the wrong end zone, ends his post:

For my part, I will simply continue to remind those who are intent on telling outright lies about Dr. Moore and the ERLC that the 9th Commandment is still in the Bible.

Of course, Blosser is not a deep thinker, and SBC Echoes is not a place for deep thinkers to be. But if he were, or they were, he or they would realize that writing down an agenda doesn’t magically undo all the liberal and progressive things Moore has said and done. Those incontrovertible facts don’t somehow go away because Moore is website-conservative.