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Al Mohler Orthodox

From time to time at Pulpit & Pen, we employ a term of our own invention: website orthodox. This term is used to describe a Christian public figure whose confession of faith (as published on his...


Mohler on Not Penalizing Moms Who Kill Their Kids

President of Southern Seminary, Al Mohler, can usually be counted on to give measured, reasoned responses to world events and questions. Sadly, he is in grave error on the issue of abortion and abolition. Take...

Marco Rubio Interviews Al Mohler for Campaign Position (Satire) 2

Marco Rubio Interviews Al Mohler for Campaign Position (Satire)

The following is a satirical video, but representative of the systemic ecumenical problem of “mere Christianity” that has taken over the evangelical church, especially the Southern Baptist Convention.


SBC Meltdown: Next, Al Mohler Capitulates To Catholic, Rubio

In a long stream of capitulation lately, especially in the Southern Baptist Convention, evangelicals have been salivating over the Roman Catholic presidential candidate, Marco Rubio. The ooze-fest, spearheaded by Russell Moore of the SBC’s...


Dr. Mohler, What About the Gay Reception?

An interesting article appeared in the Religion News Service website regarding president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Albert Mohler’s new book, We Cannot Be Silent: Speaking Truth to a Culture Redefining Sex, Marriage, and...


Southern Baptists, Tear Down These Buildings!

Russell Moore, to the echoing sound of cheap applause, has called for South Carolina to remove the Confederate Flag in light of the recent shooting in Charleston. Moore has stated… “The cross and the...