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Al Mohler says there’s ‘No Women Pastors in the SBC’ – There are actually HUNDREDS

News Division

Abert Mohler took to The Briefing on Friday and made a fool of himself, showing himself to be either stunningly ignorant or purposefully deceptive when it comes to understanding the ecclesiastical makeup and attitudes of the Southern Baptist Convention.

During the first segment, here, he made multiple forceful declarations that there were no women serving as “pastors” within the SBC, when in reality there are hundreds of them. Five times Mohler said that there were no women pastors serving SBC Churches, and each time the sound of the feminine laughter from those disobedient SBC churches grew louder and louder, a cacophony of derision and defiance from the pastrixes who have earned the position of “Pastor” from their wayward congregations. (We call them “pastrixes” as there is no such thing theologically as a “woman pastor.”)

Commenting on the RNS Ryan Burge article Most Southern Baptist Women Would Welcome a Woman Pastor. It’s Unlikely to Happen, Mohler is flabbergasted, forcefully denouncing the reality of the conclusions. He says:

And if you just take the headline at face value, it tells us that the majority of Southern Baptist women, the word of the headline was, “most,” would welcome a woman as pastor of the church. That’s rather stunning when you consider the fact that out of the almost 40,000 churches associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, not one of them has a woman as pastor. 

Over the course of this segment, he says the same thing over and over again.

The problem with that is not one of those churches has a woman as pastor…We’re talking about 40,000 churches. And at the moment, I don’t believe that a single one of them has a woman as pastor…Again, the math, 40,000 roughly, and the other column zero. That’s not a close call…Again, 40,000 in one column, zero in the other…If Southern Baptists want Southern Baptist churches to have pastors who are women, they can do it, but they don’t do it.

Is Mohler, a chief member of the SBC Intelligentsia, so disconnected from the pulse of the convention and from the boots-on-the-ground perspective that he truly does not know that there are pastrixes galore within the SBC?
That their estrogen is soaking through the hallowed halls of the convention, so much so that in 20 years, if this ship isn’t turned around like yesterday, the SBC will be virtually indistinct from the United Methodist Church for all the chicks they’ll have in the pulpit.

One writer gave us a list of a whole bunch of churches with pastors without the Y chromosome, but we likewise did a big expose on this too last year, when we discovered that 10% of the biggest churches in the Southern Baptist Convention have women pastors on staff, and another 15% have women functioning in the role of pastor, just without the title. 47 of them based on 466 churches. Add another 35,000 churches to the list, and it doesn’t take much to know we have a problem.

It is a fact. It has been a fact for years. It has been a fact for years that you can throw a rock into any random Baptist potluck and hit a pastrixes right in her Beth Moore Study Bible for the amount of them there are scurrying around unrebuked and un-kicked-out-of-convention.

Here’s what those churches look like, the big ones with pastrixes on staff.

FBC Alexandria,
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Bon Air Baptist Church | Staff
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Grace Midtown Church
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Our Pastors – Antioch Long Beach
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Leadership / Staff

Albert Mohler, if he wants any chance of being relevant and offer advice that actually matters, needs to get with the program, cease either his dishonesty, deception, or doltish ways, and come to grips with the reality that a ton of SBC churches have had “female pastors” on staff for years, and the SBC hasn’t done a damned thing about it.