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Disney Introduces 14-year-old as First Bisexual Lead Character in ‘Owl House’

The Disney Channel introduced their first “bisexual lead character” in the animated series “The Owl House,” which follows a young girl who discovers a portal to another world and befriends the rebellious witch Eda the Owl Lady, eventually becoming her apprentice despite having no magical powers.

The revelation that the character was bisexual came when Luz Noceda, the 14-year-old lead who has previously shown interest in boys, spent the last two episodes pursuing a recurring female character, Amity, eventually asking her to the prom and slow dancing with her, in a move that previous to this revelation had not been hinted at.

Creator Dana Terrace, who is bisexual herself, spoke of her intention and fight to have the queer experience at the front and center of the show.

While Disney has nibbled around the edges of having homosexuals, lesbians, and transexual representations in their films, it has usually always been on the fringes and in smaller roles, such as Officer Spector being a lesbian in the feature film “Onward,” The innkeeper Oaken in “Frozen” and some bit characters in Zootopia, among others.