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Mark Driscoll Ridicules Reformed Theology

The infamous Phoenix pastor says “Calvinism is garbage.” Calvinists everywhere smile. We hope Driscoll has dropped off all his John Calvin sweatshirts at the same thrift store where he picked up his new theology. No one is seriously following Mark Driscoll anymore. At its high point in 2014, the former Seattle pastor’s multi-site church boasted … Read more

Mark Driscoll Peddling Signed Copies of His Sermon Notes

Pastor Mark Driscoll of The Trinity Church in Phoenix, Arizona, is peddling signed copies of his sermon notes. Apparently, being a disgraced pastor doesn’t prevent one from capitalizing upon popularity from past lives by hocking memorabilia. Driscoll’s multi-site mega-church planting empire suddenly imploded in 2014 after scandals relating to plagiarism, pastoral abuse, numerous publicity stunts … Read more

Mark Driscoll Defends Roman Catholic Church, Says It Affirms Essential Doctrines

Mark Driscoll, founder of the infamous Acts 29 church planting network and the pastor who resigned from Mars Hill church amid accusations of staff abuse and misconduct, is now back into full-time ministry. In a video posted on his website, he answers a question from a follower, “whose interpretation of the Bible is right, Protestants’ or Catholics’”? … Read more

Mark Driscoll Restored, Given Tickets to Disney Land

Mark Driscoll just spoke at Thrive Conference 2015. This is the only video from Driscoll’s time on stage, posted first here and uploaded to P&P in case it is Canerized (you never know). In the short, six minute video (which reportedly was just a fraction of his time on stage)… Mark gives a prayer of thanks … Read more

The Unbreakable Mark Driscoll

“Come, see a man who told me all the things that I have done; this is not the Christ, is it?”  John 4:29 M. Knight Shyamalan’s film Unbreakable tells the story of a security guard named David Dunn who possesses, unbeknownst to him, superhuman powers. Through the intercession of an interested party, Dunn learns of his powers which include near … Read more

Three Seminary Presidents to Unleash Mark Driscoll at Conference

The “Unleashed Conference” is a Phoenix-area conference organized by Ryan Rice of North Valley Community Church. According to its website, the point of the conference is to help the city of Phoenix, which they call “one of the most post-Christian and Biblically illiterate cities in America,” and so bring together “local and national leaders about … Read more

The Gospel Coalition: Advances Russell Moore-Flees from Gospel

The Gospel Coalition, a network of evangelical churches founded by D.A. Carson, and Tim Keller, has been in a downward slide since it’s inception. While the original intent of the coalition seemed well, the accountability within the organization has been less than stellar. In other words, the members of the council of the TGC hold eachother to such a high regard, that any criticism of it’s members is looked at as malice. Besides Tim Keller, a well known evolutionist, who does not hold to the absolute authority of Scripture, TGC has aligned itself with many liberal members over the years. Members, such as Mark Driscoll, and James MacDonald, whose association with the organization has backfired, yet TGC has managed to stay alive and well.

Family Friendly Hallmark Channel Turns LGBT Friendly. ‘Diversity and inclusion is a top priority’

Hallmark TV Channel, which describes itself as “the country’s leading destination for quality family entertainment” has announced that they are going all-in on ‘LGBT storylines, characters and actors” according to a statement made on Twitter. This after years of producing heterosexual-exclusive content. According to Out Magazine The company is in “active negotiations” and will reveal “more … Read more

J.D Greear Says to ‘Mark and Avoid’ Violators of BFM 2000. Here are 47 SBC Mega Churches with Women Pastors. Your Move…

During yesterday’s SBC Presidential Address, around the 23 minute mark, SBC president J.D Greear had a lot to say about the villainy of discerners and those who get into theological tussles over secondary and tertiary issues. After saying the most positive surprise he’s had is appreciating the unity that “80 or 90% of our convention … Read more

Mark Dever Says Voting Pro-Choice is ‘Morally Legitimate Option’

The point of Mark Dever in this video clip is very clear; whites should reconsider being “single-issue voters” on the abortion issue because it separates whites and blacks. Dever, who is a prominent figure in “woke” evangelicalism from the headquarters of his Washington D.C. church, has heavily promoted Democrats like Thabiti Anyabwile (aka Ron Burns), … Read more

Hallmark Pulls Gay Ad, Then After Pressure, Puts it Back Up

In yet another major corporation to bend under the pressure of roughly two percent of the market that engages in high-risk, immoral same-sex “sexual” behavior, Hallmark has put back up an ad featured a lesbian kiss after first taking it down from the pressure of Christian groups. Zola is a company that specializes in wedding … Read more

Menstrual Pad Commercial Markets Product to Boys

Apparently, “knowing your consumer base” isn’t taught in marketing classes these days. A company that produces absorbent panties designed to soak up menstruation discharge produced a commercial that markets the product to boys and men. The panties company, Thinx, claims the underwear holds as much blood as three or four tampons. While their production scientists … Read more