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Menstrual Pad Commercial Markets Product to Boys

Menstrual Pad Commercial Markets Product to Boys

Apparently, “knowing your consumer base” isn’t taught in marketing classes these days. A company that produces absorbent panties designed to soak up menstruation discharge produced a commercial that markets the product to boys and men.

From the Thinx website, which mostly has nearly-nude obese female models. You might need eye-bleach if you go there.

The panties company, Thinx, claims the underwear holds as much blood as three or four tampons. While their production scientists might have found an ingenious way to hold more discharge from a woman’s monthly biological cycle, someone should have clued them in to the fact that boys and men don’t menstruate.

The advertisement shows a pubescent male teen walk downstairs and tell his father, “Dad, I think I got my period.”

Then, the commercial moves onto another scene of a man rolling over in bed and leaving behind a bloodstain. Another man checks his rear in the mirror for blood. Another teenage boy is embarrassed after dropping menstrual pads out of his locker. One businessman asked another businessman for a tampon. A man is seen walking through the locker room with a tampon string coming out of his briefs. One man handed another man a tampon under the bathroom stall.

The commercial ends with the cutline, “If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them. It’s time to get comfortable.”

Boys and men don’t menstruate because they aren’t women. Feminists and gender-benders hate menstruation because it’s a monthly reminder from God that women were made to have babies.

All the studies demonstrate that conservatives consistently have “better” and more frequent sex than liberals. It’s probably because we know how human bodies work. You know, like male and female, stuff like that.

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God Bless, Cody Libolt

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