Family Friendly Hallmark Channel Turns LGBT Friendly. ‘Diversity and inclusion is a top priority’

Hallmark TV Channel, which describes itself as “the country’s leading destination for quality family entertainment” has announced that they are going all-in on ‘LGBT storylines, characters and actors” according to a statement made on Twitter. This after years of producing heterosexual-exclusive content.

According to Out Magazine

The company is in “active negotiations” and will reveal “more details soon,” a representative from the Hallmark Channel announced that some of the movies included in its annual “Countdown to Christmas” and “Miracles of Christmas” holiday programming will include LGBTQ+ characters, actors, and storylines.

Hallmark has been met with pushback in recent months from progressive media sources when it was announced that none of its titles in its 2020-2021 slate of holiday films would include homosexual themes or characters. The Channel up to this point has been robustly and exclusively featured straight couples, with nary a gay romance to be seen.