Utah County Proclaims ‘Day of Prayer’ over COVID-19

A county council in Utah declared Sunday as a day of prayer to ask for God’s help during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The statement reads in part

WHEREAS President Ronald Regan declared “From the earliest days of our Republic, Americans have asked God to hear their prayers in times of sorrow and crisis and in times of bounty;”


The Cache County Council calls upon the people of Cache county to join in a day of prayer on July 19, 2020, to humbly petition Almighty God for His tender mercies, that the blessings of healing, comfort, wisdom, and deliverance be upon Cache County, the State of Utah, and the United States of America

The county, which has a population of a little over 100,000, has had 1663 cases and 3 deaths.

One Councilwoman, Gina Worthen, believes that while Cache County has had a low number of COVID-19 deaths, the results have still been devastating for the community.

“Cache has had five suicides, which still at this point outnumber the number of COVID deaths that we’ve had. [There are] increases in abuse, loneliness, a lot of suffering going on and a lot of fear.

We’re worried about overcrowding hospitals, and we felt that we need God’s help. Now would be a good time to ask him for that. “