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Russell Moore, Andy Stanley, and their Identical Cultural Worldviews

News Division

Sadly, the greatest defenders of Russell Moore today tend to be those who hold the mantle, “Reformed.” For many, a mere association with Albert Mohler is enough to buy all sorts of accusational immunity. For others, who haven’t noticed The Gospel Coalition turning into The Social Gospel Coalition over the last couple years, Russell’s association with that organization paints him with controversy Teflon. While I never understood the prolific urban legend that the man is Reformed or a Calvinist (he very explicitly – by his own admission – is not), those adopting the label defend him vigorously as though he were on the team. The support for Moore by conservative evangelicals and particularly those on Team Calvin really is quite bizarre, and equally unhelpful.
Just a refresher.

Russell Moore has called Jesus (not the Jesús from Juarez, the one from Nazareth) an illegal alien and called a border wall a “golden calf” and insinuated that immigration law is unchristian, saying that being anti-illegal immigration will lead one to becoming pro-abortion.

Russell Moore said he would attend a gay wedding reception.

Russell Moore broke bread with Matthew Vines, Justin Lee and other gay ‘Christian’ leaders, in violation of 1 Corinthians 5, and even the Wall Street Journal noticed “The Softening Tone on Homosexuality.” 

Russell Moore has partnered his SBC entity with the very radical Humane Society and pushed for animal rights, and even insinuated that Charles Spurgeon was an animal rights activist.

Russell Moore has repeatedly pushed to prominence a feminist (that’s what she calls herself) who explicitly denounces Complimentarianism, says abortion is not murder and calling it murder is “unchristlike,” who speaks at homosexual fundraisers, has gay besties who repeatedly laud her praise, and who was chosen by animal liberation idealogues to push animal liberation theology in evangelical churches. She says that violence towards animals makes her more upset than violence toward babies, believes that naming animals gives them personhood that allow them to go to Heaven, defends gay porn propaganda and more. He says he “wishes there were 1000 more of her,” the very one who endorsed the pro-gay “It Gets Better” Campaign.

Russell Moore promotes Jewish-Muslim interfaith prayer.

Russell Moore lobbied to get a Mosque built in New Jersey.

Russell Moore sits on a George Soros-funded globalist organizational board designed to eradicate national borders.

Russell Moore is partnering with the New Apostolic Reformation.

Russell Moore is the Senior Editor for a Catholic-Protestant ecumenical magazine.

Russell Moore says he is unsure of the difference between his and the Pope’s Gospel focus.

I could go on. And on. And on. Literally, that’s just a sample. And do you see all those words in red? Those are hyperlinks. I didn’t provide you subjective opinions. I provided you facts. Quotations. Press releases. News articles. Follow the trail and see for yourself.
If you don’t think that Stanley’s faux pas was entirely predictable, know that Pulpit & Pen spoke of the compromised foolishness in having Stanley speak at the event in a post from February entitled, “Andy Stanley to Speak at ERLC.” Nailed it.
What I saw in a Facebook group today was decent, relatively theologically astute, but undiscerning people defend Russell Moore in relation to a video that surfaced at Pulpit & Pen from the Onward Conference this week. Chiefly, the content is this: Andy Stanley sits on a stage, being interviewed by Russell Moore, and in the process of the dialogue, Stanley says a few controversial things including (1) small churches need to sell their property and give it to the church planters and (2) we need to take the focus off the Bible.
Hiss. Boo. Outrage.
People are understandably upset. The defense of Moore comes from the position of, “That was only Stanley. Don’t lump Russell in with Stanley.”
It’s here where I ask you to use discernment.

Andy Stanley preached the widely-heralded “When Gracie met Truthie Sermon,” in which he reveals he has practicing homosexual church members (who aren’t under discipline), as though that’s a normal thing (link)

Andy Stanley told evangelical Christians that they should make the gay wedding cake no matter if it contradicts their conscience, because Jesus would want them to (link).

Andy Stanely said that expository preaching was “cheating” and “lazy” (link).

Andy Stanley said we need to stop defending doctrinal positions by saying, “the Bible says” (link).

The ERLC’s Onward Conference was designed to, “…Engage the culture as Christians without losing the gospel.” Why, oh why on Earth, would Russell Moore have someone like Andy Stanley – an infamous, even nefarious Gospel-compromiser especially when it comes into conflict with culture – come to speak at a conference of this theme as though (and treated like) he was an expert?
Two options. The first is that Russell Moore is the most naive, gullible and woefully uninformed person in regards to who Andy Stanley is. The second is that Russell thinks Stanley does a pretty good job “engaging” culture.
People. People. People. The only difference when it comes to cultural compromise between Russell Moore and Andy Stanley is that Moore is far more articulate and no doubt smarter than Stanley. Stanley just doesn’t know enough to be Moore-like tactful in exposing his inward convictions.