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The Worst Christian of 2018

Who is the worst Christian of 2018? On the surface, this seems like a foolish or even pharisaical question. The fact of the matter is that there are none worthy to stand righteous before...


Will Alex Malarkey get shouted down by Floyd at the SBC?

If you haven’t heard of the Lifeway scandal, regarding #the15 by now, I recommend reading this article. The debacle revolves around the Southern Baptist entity, Lifeway Bookstores, who serves as the publishing branch of the convention. Lifeway, as a representative of the SBC has been called out for peddling heretical materials by unsound teachers, as well as Heaven tourism books, for profit, and not responding to criticism for their actions. One particular heretical book Lifeway peddled for years for monetary gain is “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.” The book, though officially co-authored by Alex Malarkey and his Father, was actually a work completely by Alex’s father, that Alex himself never supported. Alex recanted his story publicly, his mother publicly wrote about it, and world class apologist, and former Lifeway trustee, Justin Peters, even informed Lifeway about Alex’s recantation years before the book was finally pulled from the shelves after a massive outcry by #the15, and Alex’s recantation made viral through the Pulpit and Pen website.

See You at the Southern Baptist Convention

So, I’m going to the Southern Baptist Convention. And, I plan on voting on a few things. And, I plan on being drowned out in a sea of apathy as foregone conclusions masquerade as motions...


Slogging through Internet Blogging

***Note, this article was written by Jim Fletcher at his WND blog, and is being reprinted here with permission. You can view the original article here. “The Internets” have given everyone a voice today....