LifeWay and the Crimson Tide’s Defensive Collapse

Last Saturday, the Alabama Crimson Tide’s defense played a historically bad game against Ole Miss.  The Rebels gained 647 yards against the Tide and put 48 points on the scoreboard.  Amazingly enough, the Rebels still lost by 15 points.  Their defense was even worse than Alabama’s.  Such a failing is expected in Oxford.  Ole Miss has not historically been known for its defense.  This is not the case in Tuscaloosa.  Alabama has, especially under head coach Nick Saban, featured a dominant defense.  However, the wheels have fallen off and there is panic in T-town.  Bama’s defense couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down if the turf was on fire.  Yet no such story about Alabama’s defensive collapse can be found this week in The Capstone Report, a long-time Alabama sports interest blog that once grew to such a level of popularity that it was mentioned on the Paul Finebaum show.  Alan Atchison, the founder of that blog, was too busy writing about a developing scandal at LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.  Instead of writing about million-dollar deals for Nick Saban’s coaching staff, Atchison was writing about a million-dollar payment from one LifeWay insider to another.  Things have gotten so bad in the Southern Baptist Convention that Captsone Report almost never publishes a story about Alabama Football anymore.  Almost all of Atchison’s writing is about the tragic downgrade in the Southern Baptist Convention.  Readers should take that to heart.  No one is more obsessive about their top-flight football team than Alabama fans.  The Southern Baptist Convention is in such bad shape that Alan Atchison would rather warn fellow Christians about it that write about Crimson Tide championships.

Just because Alabama’s defense used to be dominant doesn’t mean it is anymore.  The same can be said for the Southern Baptist Convention.  Metaphorically, it’s  giving up 647 yards a game and is barely hanging on. Be wary.

Roll Tide and stop giving your money to the SBC. 

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