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SBC Prez, Ronnie Floyd, Joining With IHOP Cult To Promote Charismania

Arguably one of the most spiritually dangerous cults in the world today, IHOP (International House of Prayer), headed by the New Apostolic Reformation’s false prophet, Mike Bickle, is hosting its annual Onething Conference December 28-31. IHOP, known for it’s youth-targeted, stage-managed productions of audio-visual, hyper-sensual emotional stimuli that simulates a spiritual revival, will be hosting … Read more

Alex Himaya, Ronnie Floyd, and Strange Things

Ronnie Floyd recently announced the members he has named to participate in the Committee of Committees, chosen to nominate the committee members who will actually do the nominating of leaders of various positions in the SBC for 2016. Sounds like a drawn out process, right? It is, and it begins with this committee of origin. … Read more

Disagreeing with God and Ronnie Floyd

“Imagine for a moment that God might manifest His presence in your life in a powerful, unusual – even Supernatural – way. Suppose He were to stand at your side, waiting to infuse your spirit with a fullness beyond your most cherished dreams or imagination. It would be a moment when God seems more real … Read more

Cultural Filth at Ronnie Floyd’s Cross Church

Who you see in this video is Chad Reeves, Associate Minister to Students at Ronnie Floyd’s Cross Church (Springdale Campus).  The young lady is in a romantic relationship with Reeves. The setting is the church “Student Building” on the Springdale campus. The name of the ministry is “Cross Students.” They are dancing / singing to … Read more

Ronnie “Ezekiel” Floyd Stands In For An Absent Benny Hinn in SBC Prayer Festival

If you web wander over to the Baptist Press today (June 15) – today being the day after Ronnie Floyd’s 2016 National Call to Prayer for Spiritual Leadership, Revived Churches Nationwide, and Global Awakening – you will find numerous stories about the Southern Baptist Convention’s second day of business. There was, of course, the vote for … Read more

Willie McLaurin: Latest SBC Phony

Last week, news broke that interim CEO of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, Willie McLaurin, had resigned. The reason? He fabricated his educational credentials. Willie McLaurin rose to the highest executive office in the largest protestant denomination** in the United States with a fake resume. Not only that, he worked for fifteen … Read more

SBC 2021: Merritt, Greear, Floyd and Other Men I Doubt are Saved

“Friendship is genuine only when you bind fast together people who cleave to you through the charity poured abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given to us.” Augustine Earlier this month I took some time to watch the livestream of the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.  Like many other conservative … Read more

Black Church Should Pay the SBC Reparations

This story is hilarious, at least if you despise the Southern Baptist Convention (which I do). It’s hilarious in a poetic justice sort of way. It’s hilarious in a pinky-to-the-mouth bwahahaha sort of way. A predominately black Southern Baptist Church just voted to leave the SBC because it’s not woke enough. Let me explain the … Read more

SBC Executive Committee Panel Member: ‘We Don’t Need Black Faces with White Theology/Voices/Ideas Leading the Convention’

Ronnie Floyd, president and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee, hosted an hour-long conversation on race on between himself and five men, where one of the panel guests, Charlie Dates, made some rather startling remarks with nary a rebuke or raised eyebrows to be seen. During one of his sessions, he criticized SBC college presidents … Read more

SBC Elites Dismiss Claims of Liberal Drift within the Convention as coming from ‘Small Churches with 15 Members’

In a move that should surprise no one paying attention, the Elites of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) dismissed any critic accusing the convention of leftward drift as being “disingenuous” and “historically ignorant,” saying they’re not going to let small churches with 15 members influence what they do, during a June 9th virtual panel hosted … Read more

After Fixating on ‘Social Justice,’ SBC Suffers Record Loss in Members

The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the United States and a one-time conservative network of autonomous churches, has suffered a record decline in membership, attendance, and baptisms after fixating heavily on “social justice.” Question: What if honored SBC leaders are not only incapable of fixing the denomination’s decline, but they were in … Read more

Mayor Refuses To Walk Back Threat To Close Non-compliant Churches Permanently.

It was a week ago today that during a press conference, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio threatened to permanently shut down all churches that refuse to close in order to combat COVID-19 We’ve had extraordinary support from the leaders of major Christian denominations. We’ve had extraordinary across the board, rabbinical support from all the … Read more

Arrogant SBC Leader Literally Complains About Who He Calls the ‘Little People’

Former SBC President, James Merritt, is the proud father of homosexual ‘Christian’ journalist, Jonathan Merritt, who spends his days writing mostly gay things from a leftist perspective designed to undermind conservative Christianity. He’s also the genius who nominated walking disaster and gay-affirming pastor, David Uth, to head-up the SBC Pastor’s conference which has since been … Read more