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Who are the Groups Baptisting And Having Church Service at Minneapolis Protests?

As the protests rage on in Minneapolis and the city continues to churn and fulminate, several Christian ministries have descended upon the burned-out city and put boots on the ground at the location where George Floyd was killed by a police officer, and are spreading the message of Jesus far and wide. Church services are … Read more

Wokeness is a New Religion and Christians Are Converting En Masse

As a student and teacher in the counter-cult movement for many years, I have both studied and taught how new faith-systems spawn from infancy and grow into full-fledged organized religions. It is my assessment, in no uncertain terms, that what America is witnessing is the birth of a new religion that will dwarf all other … Read more

Ternae Jordan and the Hamilton County Baptists

On June 5th, churches from the Hamilton County Baptist Association in Chattanooga, Tennessee participated in a prayer rally which the Association advertised as “Churches United in Prayer for Racial Justice and Reconciliation” at Mt. Canaan Baptist Church on Highway 58. The rally was organized in the wake of nationwide riots which were themselves preceded by … Read more

Video: Carl Lentz’s Family Participating in Anti-Police Riots

The hipster Hillsong pastor in New York City, Carl Lentz, is helping to contribute to the delinquency of his daughter by letting her take part in mob behavior and verbal assaults against the police. Lentz is a health-and-wealth pastor who has been featured on Oprah, fawned over pro-abortion Democrat Stacy Abrams, made pro-abortion comments on … Read more

Mask-wearing Joel Osteen Joins Houston Protest March in Support of George Floyd

Lakewood Megachurch impastor Joel Osteen took to the streets of Houston on Tuesday to join the protest march in support of George Floyd, the man killed by police when an officer knelt on his neck for almost 10 minutes despite pleas that he couldn’t breathe. Osteen joined Floyd’s family at the event and started the … Read more

Bishop More Upset at Trump Taking Pictures in Front of Church than at Arsonists who Tried to Burn it Down

President Trump stood before the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church in downtown Washington, DC, late Monday evening, in a move that has outraged critics and the leaders of the church. Known as the “church of the presidents.” St. John’s Episcopal Church was built in 1815 and every president since James Madison has attended at least … Read more

Will Rioting Arsonists Remember Planned Parenthood’s War on Blacks?

As lawless criminals dishonor the memory of George Floyd be victimizing innocent people and terrorizing whole cities, arsonists have had a field day setting buildings across the inner cities ablaze. Often failing to differentiate between black-owned businesses and others, these opportunistic fire-crickets have torched countless places of commerce belonging to people of all ethnicities. More … Read more

Andy Stanley Says George Lloyd was ‘this Generation’s Samson’

Andy Stanely put up a post on social media where he declared that George Floyd, the man killed by police several days ago, to be “This generation’s Samson.” He writes: Dear George, I accept. Perhaps without realizing it, and certainly without choosing it, you are this generation’s Samson. The last chapter of your life was … Read more

Rioters Set Fire to Historic D.C. Church

Rioters who have been setting fire to buildings and businesses, not to “protest the death of Georg Floyd” but rather because they are evil men and women who finally have an excuse to manifest the darkness in their hearts, set fire to St. John’s Episcopal Church, which is right across from the White House, late … Read more

Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Interviews Trinity-Denier T.D. Jakes in Lieu of Church Service

Hillsong NYC, under the direction of Carl Lentz, chose to forgo a service on Sunday where he preached the word of God from the scriptures to his congregation, but rather invited Bishop T.D Jakes to have a conversation about the pandemic, the killing of George Floyd, racial reconciliation, and the riots happening in the streets. … Read more

Joel McDurmon: Wrong on MacArthur, Wrong on the Kingdom of God

Joel McDurmon – who left the major distinguishing tenets of theonomy some time last year – is for some reason still keeping the fires stoked at American Vision. One would think that the last organization promoting theonomic reconstruction that’s not yet in archive mode might have dismissed McDurmon for ideological treason (they’ve treated other absconders … Read more

SBC ALERT: Is Steve Gaines Lost?

No, no, no.  I don’t mean “lost” salvifically.  I mean lost as in, “where’s he been?”  It’s been 23 days since Bellevue Baptist pastor Steve Gaines ascended to the hierarchy of the largest Protestant denomination in the country. For the bulk of those days, he’s been noticeably absent from social media, the Christian news world, … Read more