Andy Stanley Says George Lloyd was ‘this Generation’s Samson’

Andy Stanely put up a post on social media where he declared that George Floyd, the man killed by police several days ago, to be “This generation’s Samson.” He writes:

Dear George, I accept.

Perhaps without realizing it, and certainly without choosing it, you are this generation’s Samson. The last chapter of your life was lived with one hand on the pillar of POVERTY and the other on the pillar of INJUSTICE.

The Samson of BIBLICAL FAME positioned himself between the two central pillars of a pagan temple and accomplished MORE in his death than he did while living. Perhaps you will as well.

Your death destroyed our excuses.
Your final breath was an invitation.

I accept.

The post garnered both likes and support, as well as derision and mockery for the short time it was up. Andy Stanley quickly pulled down the post after a brief period of backlash, but not before it was a screenshotted and immortalized.

Similarly, a few of the satellite campuses posted it to their Facebook pages when it was first uploaded, and then quickly deleted. The admins overseeing the Facebook page of Buckhead Church, one location of Northpoint’s multisite campus, still has it up. They must not have gotten the memo yet.