Will Rioting Arsonists Remember Planned Parenthood’s War on Blacks?

As lawless criminals dishonor the memory of George Floyd be victimizing innocent people and terrorizing whole cities, arsonists have had a field day setting buildings across the inner cities ablaze. Often failing to differentiate between black-owned businesses and others, these opportunistic fire-crickets have torched countless places of commerce belonging to people of all ethnicities.

More than 14 buildings were torched in Minneapolis and another 16 cars or dumpsters. Police stations went ablaze. Buildings were torched in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago. The City Hall of Nashville was set on fire. St. John’s Church and other structures near the White House were consumed in place in Washington D.C.

The reason for the arson has been as nonsensical as the riots themselves.

The tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of Officer Derek Chauvin has resulted in his quick arrest, murder charges, and impending prosecution. Chauvin has been denounced by the Minneapolis Chief of Police, Medaria Arradondo, Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz, and Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison. Additionally, Chauvin has been denounced by his fellow officers, divorced by his wife, and presumed guilty by almost every official from the local to national level, including President Donald J. Trump.

Nonetheless, rioters are destroying lives and property in the name of “justice,” which has ironically already started in Chauvin’s quick arrest. The mobs’ selection of stores and buildings to be looted and burned seem equally as non-sensical. For example, the mobs have looted and burned national chains including Wal-Mart, Target, Apple, CVS, Whole Foods, Amazon, Nike, Adidas, Family Dollar, and Auto Zone. Ironically, many of these businesses are boldly progressive in their support for the black community.

Would it not make more sense that rioters target institutions that have a racist monuments? It seems odd that Louisiville rioters, for example, have largely terrorized much of the city but have left Southern Seminary untouched, which has an entire undergraduate school and a dormitory named after slave-holding confederate soldiers. If there’s any reason not to believe that the riots are heavily organized by a shadowy outside organization it’s that what and where rioters riot seems altogether without reason.

Consider, for example, the long racist past of Planned Parenthood and their century-long war on the black community. One would think, if the rioters were organized for maximum effectiveness, that Planned Parenthood offices and clinics would be the first to catch fire.

Beginning 99 years ago as the American Birth Control League in 1921, the organization was renamed “Planned Parenthood in 1942. Its founder was Margaret Sanger, a radically racist woman whose overarching plan was to sterilize black women and to kill their babies.

In a letter to Dr. C.J. Gamble, December 10th, 1939, Sanger wrote…

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Sanger’s organization said that its goal was to wipe out undesirable people to assist the survival of the “superior race,” of which she spoke about the Caucasian people.

Sanger’s American Birth Control League said it existed “To promote eugenic birth selection throughout the United States so that there may be more well‑born and fewer ill‑born children―a stronger, healthier and more intelligent race.’

To accomplish the end of eradicating the black people from the Earth, Planned Parenthood has adopted strategies to ensure that they kill a higher percentage of black babies than any other ethnicity. Through propaganda placed carefully in the black community, Sanger and her organization convinced many African and African-American mothers that abortion was a liberating experience that would help women thrive without children. It was a brilliant lie designed to weaken the community and eventually, bring them to extinction.

For nearly 100 years, Planned Parenthood has targeted black babies more than any other. Even today, Planned Parenthood leans heavily towards providing “services” in low-income urban communities where they can kill as many black children as is humanly possible.

The statistics don’t lie. Black women are only 13% of the female population in the United States but make up 35% of aborting mothers. In the inner city, up to half of the black babies conceived are killed by largely white abortion doctors who pump millions of dollars into advertising their services in black media publications.

Abortion clinics, with Planned Parenthood leading the way, is the number one cause of death of black people in the United States.

Wouldn’t it make sense that Planned Parenthood clinics be torched first by the army of freedom-fighters and civil rights activists marching in America’s streets? Time will tell if reason and forethought will take root in the Race Riots of 2020, largely by how serious African American activists are about bringing justice for their children.

We sincerely hope that no one takes justice into their own hands and we do not encourage arson. This article was written merely as cultural commentary allowed under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

However, if rioters would like to peacefully pray for Planned Parenthood in person, here is a list of their physical locations and street addresses as listed by state.

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