Charisma News: ‘Pandemic Masks Speak Prophetically of Attempt to Silence Christians’

Charisma News continues to wax elegant on the woo-woo by declaring that the COVID-19 facemask masks worn to prevent the spread of coronavirus, are in fact a prophetic message from the Lord.

The article by “prophetess” Karin Hardin, informs that, “I believe the mandate of mask-wearing speaks prophetically of the call to silence what needs to be spoken in this hour” and makes the case that for years Christians have been silenced from speaking up about varying societal evils, when it must not be so, with our role as Christians to “go into every realm of society as the church (the people) to bring transformation.”

The fact that Christians are wearing masks is a sign and symbol that we have been muzzled, that the Lord is manifesting on earth what has been done in heaven.

She says that she is not against the use of masks per se, but prophetically speaking, “they are visual evidence of an effort to silence dissenting voices—especially the church” because they speak “prophetically of the attempt to keep our mouths silenced. “

We would give Karin the same message we give everyone from Charisma who makes up prophecy in their own minds: The Lord isn’t speaking through the masks (!) but rather he has already spoken through his word, which is the scriptures.